French Hairstyles: Your Ultimate Gallery of French Girl Hairdos

Dose of chic hairstyles are coming your way!

Lately, we’ve been really inspired (and slightly obsessed) with the way French women style and care for their hair. If we’re ever on the hunt for a natural-looking hairstyle, we’re taking a page from their book. When it comes to French hairstyles, makeup, and clothes, less is definitely more.

We know we’re not the only ones with an affinity for French girl beauty, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite French hairstyles. Keep scrolling to get inspired by these easy, chic, and super laid-back hairstyle ideas that the French have nailed so effortlessly. Read on:

31 Parisian Hairstyles to Steal from the French

French styles are effortless and easy to do, yet they look chic and very put together. get some inspo from some of our top french hairstyles.

1. French Hair Ponytail

french ponytail

It’s safe to say that just about every culture has an updo hairstyle as their go-to look. However, when it comes to the French, besides the chignon, it’s all about the easy, breezy undone pony.

2. French Bangs

French hairstyles: fringe bangs
It’s all about the imperfect fringe.

It’s very rare that you’ll find a French woman with perfectly styled bangs. It’s all about texture. Achieve a fringe like this by rough-drying your hair after washing. If you want to amplify the texture, use TRESemmé Dry Texture Finishing Spray.

3. Beret Accessory

french hairstyles: beret
The chic head accessory.

These days you probably won’t spot many French women with a beret on their heads. However, that doesn’t mean you can wear one to channel their style. For the colder seasons, skip the beanie and opt for a beret instead.

4. Blunt Bangs

French hairstyles: blunt bangs
Fringe benefits: Thick, chic, and blunt.

If the French do opt for wearing perfectly cut bangs, please expect it to be really precise. We love the neat, clean look of these blunt bangs.

5. Bouffant

French hairstyles: bouffant
The fancy updo for any occasion.

The bouffant updo style is perfect for the office or for a special event. Keep it simple, like the French, and pair it up with a simple earring and a classic trench coat.

6. Curly Hair

french hairstyles curly hair
Embrace your texture.

If a French woman has naturally curly hair, best believe that she’s going to embrace her natural hair texture. Take cues from the French and get your best-defined curls yet.

7. The French Crop

french hairstyle cropped
Try a short and sweet style.

The French just know how to achieve the perfectly tousled French haircut. To recreate this look, ask your stylist to cut your crop with layers for lots of movement.

8. Side Braid

french hairstyles: french braid
The braid everyone loves.

A braid that we all love. The side braid is easy and perfect for any occasion as you can create an endless amount of styles with it. This is a classic look that is so easy to do.

9. The Lob

French hairstyles: lob
Who said the lob couldn’t be a classic look?

In true French style, the lob is anything but perfectly styled. To channel the French opt for wash, blow-dry, and go. It’s all about natural-looking volume.

10. Undone Hair

undone french hairstyle
Go for a messy chic look.

When it comes to daily styling, the more lived-in the hair looks, the better. Maintain this look throughout the week by using a dry shampoo to soak up excess oils in-between hair washes.

11. The End-of-Day Low Do

french hairstyles low bun
Such a chic way to keep your hair pulled back.

Okay, this may not be the hairstyle French women do at the end of the day. However, the look feels as if it’s something that is created after your hairstyle has run its course for the day — of course we mean this in a good way. In the morning, opt for a messy low ponytail style and skip the mirror because you won’t be needing it.

12. Mussed Up Bob

french hairstyles: messy bob
Messy hair is chic.

We mentioned a few images earlier that the French are advocates of embracing their hair texture. Recreate this mussed-up bob on naturally curly or wavy hair by allowing your hair to air-dry after washing.

13. The Middle Part

french hairstyles: middle part
Effortless and easy.

To nail this look down to a science, the only thing that may be perfect and precise about your hairstyle is your part. Let everything else (your hair) go with the flow.

14. Natural Hair

natural hair french hairstyles
Let your natural hair shine!

A lot of women with thick natural hair, opt for wearing voluminous it down. To get the look, dry your hair with a blow-dryer in an upward direction. To help define your curls, use Suave Professionals Define & Shine Serum Gel.

15. The Off Center Part

French hairstyles: off center part
Perfectly imperfect.

We spoke about this being a trend recently and now that we know the French like this look, we love it even more.

16. Ombre Bob

french hairstyles: ombré bob
The most natural-looking ombré we’ve seen in a while.

Have you seen any other ombré job look this natural? The French women just get how to create natural looks from hair to toe. Next time you want a natural-looking ombré, take this picture to your colorist.

17. Pinned Up

french hairstyles: pinned updo
A trend turned into a classic style.

One thing the French tend to stay away from is trendy hairstyles, but if they must try one, they put their own unique spin on the look that it almost feels like a classic. You know that bobby pin hair trend we’ve been seeing a lot lately, well this looks like the French know how to put their own spin on the look.

18. Platinum Bob

french hairstyles: platinum bob
Bold in all the right ways.

If the French is going to try out a colored hairstyle, they always find a way to keep it chic and understated even if it’s the boldest hair color out there like platinum blonde.

19. The French Shag

french hairstyles: shag hairstyle
French girl shag.

Get French hairstyles like this shag by styling layered hair with a blowdryer after washing. It’s all about achieving optimal volume and movement. Plus, a layered shag like this is extremely on-trend right now.

20. Shoulder-Length Styles

french hairstyles low bun
Your cut should never feel overdone. Natural is best.

When it comes to French hairstyles, especially haircuts, it never looks overdone and feels extremely natural. After cutting your hair, ask your stylist to air-dry, then scrunch for a bit of texture.

21. Side Part Bob

french hairstyles: side bob
Shift the direction of your bob for a fresh look.

Again, for the most part, perfectly styled bob cuts are not what you’ll find worn by French women. The texture is the key. Go for that slightly messy texture, but not too disheveled.

22. Self-Styled Hair

self styled french hair
Go with the just woke-up look.

What do we mean by self-styled hair? It means, however you wake up is how your hair shall stay. We believe the French women are the originators of the #Iwokeuplikethis look. They almost never straighten their hair as they love bedhead texture.

23. Side Swept Bangs

french hairstyles: side swept fringe
Swing your fringe to the side and do it effortlessly.

Finger comb your bangs to the side to recreate this mussed-up and texture-ful fringe style on any hair length.

24. Sleek Hair

sleek french hairstyles
Keep it sleek and simple.

It’s not everyone that’ll stick to the French beauty tradition day by day. Sometimes you may feel like creating a look that feels sleeker and there’s nothing wrong with that. To help achieve this look use an oil, like Nexxus Clean & Pure Nourishing Detox 5-in-1 Invisible Hair Oil.

25. Blonde Hair

french hairstyles blonde
Go for a new color!

It has been said that the French rarely color their hair, but if one is going blonde, believe you’d think she’s a natural. Take a closer look, do you see any contrasting roots in sight? Not a strand!

26. Subtle Waves

french hairstyles: subtle waves
Understated waves.

Looking for the perfect subtle waves formula? Try washing hair with a volume shampoo and conditioners like Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner. After washing your hair, let your hair air-dry a bit for natural texture, then blow-dry the rest.

27. The Top Knot

french top knot
Opt for a chic top knot.

Yes, the updo hairstyle we all love for busy mornings and bad hair days. From the French, the top knot is great for any day.

28. Laid-Back Updo

French hairstyles: updo
Perfect style for a laid-back afternoon.

Heading for a cup of coffee? The perfect French hairstyles are the ones that are easy to do. Try a low do like above, it’s simple and chic.

29. Wavy Hairstyles

french wavy hairstyles
An effortless style like beachy waves is foolproof.

You won’t catch the French with a head full of overly done beach waves. A loose wave is a way to go. You can recreate this look by drying your hair in two to three chunky braids, or by using a 1-1.5-inch curling iron and then brushing out the curls.

30. Mussed Up Bangs

french hairstyles: wispy bangs
Textured bangs are the way to go.

Opt for textured bangs, instead of neat bangs, if you’re planning to do it French girl style. Right now, everyone is all about embracing the natural texture of their hair when it comes to the fringe.

31. French Braid

french hairstyles french braid
You can’t go wrong with a classic look!

How could we not include the classic French braid? This braid can be worn like above, or be incorporated into many different hairstyles.

There you have it—our fave French hairstyles that embody that elusive je ne sais quoi. Will you try them and let us know if you agree? And don’t forget to tag as @allthingshairus!

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