Platinum Blonde Hair: 20 Inspo Looks Plus Everything About the Process

It's high time you brought out your inner bombshell with platinum blonde hair.

Are you ready for the deep dive into platinum blonde hair? We think that every gal at one point in time has considered going blonde. And we mean really, really blonde—full platinum blonde. There’s something about going full throttle that seems trés refreshing. Getting platinum blonde hair is a study in going hard or not going for it at all. The process takes forever and the upkeep is insane, but the payoff is head-turning, to say the least.

For all its color appeal, there’s also that much work that goes into getting your hair to platinum blonde levels. Okay, so you have your screenshots on the ready and have researched the best stylist in three counties. (Ed’s note: we strongly advocate seeing a pro the first time you attempt this—no exceptions!) Make sure you’re ready. Going icy blonde involves these things in spades: bleach, money/time, and some serious attention to detail. Read on:

Getting Platinum Blonde Hair

If you’re thinking of going platinum blonde, it’s important to know what to expect throughout the process. Keep scrolling to learn about pre-care for your hair before dyeing it and how to care for it after it’s dyed.

3-4 Weeks Before

how to get the perfect shade of platinum blonde hair
Platinum-dyed hair can get dry. Very dry. Photo credit:

Assess your base color. First off, we’re leaving this to a professional—we’re never going to advocate going from zero to 100 by yourself, especially if you’re a beginner. Ask your stylist to help you assess how many sessions you’ll need to lift your hair to your desired level. Note: It can take around three to four return trips to your salon to safely lift your base, especially if you have very dark hair.

2-4 Weeks Before

Prep your hair beforehand with conditioner specific to colored hair, such as Su(after rinsing off their color-safe Shampoo, that is). Double up on the regular frequency that you deep-condition, and try to grow out any existing hair dye on your strands so that the bleach lifts your color as evenly as possible.

1 Week Before

Stock up on purple shampoo and conditioner and extra-moisturizing at-home hair treatment, like a deep conditioner. We love Nexxus Blonde Assure Purple Shampoo and Conditioner for platinum blonde hair. Purple shampoo and conditioner (yes, both really are a bright shade of violet) work to help counteract brassiness or that sad, yellow color that inevitably stains hair when it’s dyed that light. Doing a deep conditioning treatment for a few days each week before your appointment can do wonders in improving the integrity of your hair on D-Day.

48 Hours Before

Don’t wash your hair at least two days before your appointment. Your natural hair grease actually works to coat and protect your scalp from the stinging effects of bleach.

Bleaching, First Process

Depending on your current hair color, bleaching can vary anywhere between 30 minutes to two hours. Virgin hair, even if it’s dark, usually takes a shorter amount of time to bleach since the color lifts evenly all throughout. Hair that’s been perennially colored, on the other hand, may show unevenness or “stripes” where other dyes have been applied.

Most people with dark hair end up with yellow-orange strands after this process. This is normal, and your stylist will gauge whether your strands can withstand a double-process bleach that same day. Those with severely weakened hair are advised to “rest” and deep-condition at home and return for their second bleaching process.

Bleaching, Second Process

This second pass is what lightens the hair from that muppet-like yellow-orange color to an even lighter blonde and again can last around 30 minutes.


That light yellow blonde isn’t the final stage. Platinum is an icy-white blonde and therefore needs a toner to eliminate all that existing yellowness. This takes a shorter time than bleaching and is what lifts you to that enviable white-hot blonde you aim to be.

Roots, Retouch, Repeat

Some walk out with their ideal platinum shade, some might need a few more sessions to get there—it all depends on your current base color. And just like white paint color, there are several kinds of platinum too: ivory, winter wheat, eggshell, bluish-white, etc.

How to Style Platinum Blonde Hair: 15 Looks We Love

1. Flat Ironed Styles

a short-straight blonde hair woman walking down the street wearing a bright yellow coat and an animal print dress
Easy does it. Keep styles simple to avoid damaging double processed hair. Photo credit:

Rather a look that allows your platinum hair to speak for itself? Go for a simple flat-ironed style on a shoulder-length cut. When styling, be sure to handle your color-treated hair with kid gloves.

2. Platinum Blonde Bowl Cut

a woman with platinum bowl cut standing next to a white wall wearing white outfits

This may be the best time to try your hand at this hairstyle since the Fashion Week runway has proven that bowl haircuts are back. What we love most about this haircut is that you can also add curls to switch up the look like this mushroom haircut tutorial.

3. Long Face-Framing Bangs with Short Ponytail

an asian woman with platinum short ponytail wearing leather jacket standing in a crowd
Your platinum blonde hair color isn’t the only thing bringing out your face. Try long bangs to frame it, too! Photo credit:

Whether you’re looking for a way to style grown-out bangs, grown-out roots, or simply in the market for a look that will help accentuate your face shape, try this look. Bangs, in general, is a simple and casual way to wear bright white hair color. The long bang version, however, packs more styling options.

4. Platinum Blonde Pixie

a woman with platinum pixie hair standing outside next to a bus
We love a pixie! Photo credit:

A pixie cut is a low-maintenance hairstyle option when it comes to daily styling. If you want to go shorter, ask your stylist for short layers to create dimension. When styling layers, employ products that will help in the texture department like Suave Dry Texture Finishing Spray.

5. Clean Short Side Shave on Icy Blonde Hair

short platinum blonde hair ideas
Bold short platinum blonde hairstyles like this surely pack a punch. Wear it loud and proud. Photo credit:

Want something super bold? You might as well go all the way. Pair up an icy-white blonde hue with a clean and edgy side shave. To style, play up the avant-garde look by styling your length with a slick-straight finish. Use a product, like Bed Head by TIGI Straighten Out Straightening Cream, for a long-lasting hold sans frizz.

6. Top Knot on Short Platinum Blonde Hair

a blonde woman wearing sunglasses with undercut bun
Updos on short hair? Yes, please! Photo credit:

Who says short haircuts are exempt from updo styles? On dirty hair, refresh with dry shampoo, like Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Color Care Dry Shampoowork it through your roots then finger-style hair into a messy top knot. If starting with freshly washed hair, rough-dry then create your bun.

7. Undercut

platinum blonde hair side shave
Consider this edgier style.

Pair an edgy haircut with your new bold haircut and try this sleek undercut.

8. Pixie

platinum blonde hair pixie
Wear it short.

Stay cool in the hotter seasons with this super short pixie. If you ever get tired of a platinum look, but the cut is easy to grow out.

9. Wispy Bangs

platinum blonde hair bangs
Try a set of wispy bangs. Photo credit:

There’s nothing like a thin layer of wispy bangs to add some dynamic movement to your look.

10. Air-Dried

platinum blonde hair air dry
Air dry your strands for an easy wearable look. Photo credit:

It doesn’t get any easier than this air-dried wearable look!

11. Cool-Toned Bob

platinum blonde hair cool toned bob
Can’t go wrong as a cool-toned blonde. Photo credit: Arianna Sharfman

Go for a cute bob-length cute and cool-toned platinum color. This length has been incredibly trendy for the past few seasons and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

12. Platinum TWA

platinum blonde taw
Give your afro a platinum look. Photo credit: Craig Alexander

We love how bold a teeny weeny afro looks with dark roots and a platinum blonde finish.

13. Soft Bend

platinum blonde hair soft bend
Give your platinum locks an Old Hollywood soft bend style. Photo credit: Craig Alexander

Create an Old Hollywood classic on a color that screams celeb-worthy. A soft bend adds glamour and a sense of effortlessness—what’s not to love?

14. Choppy Layers

platinum blonde layers
Create volume with lots of choppy layers. Photo credit: Roisin Murphy

Choppy layers are a great cut to go with this color. Sometimes, super white platinum can lose its texture and movement, so adding in lots of layers will bring back that volume a color like this needs.

15. Long Waves

platinum blonde color long curls
A classic blonde color deserves a classic curled style. Photo credit: Roisin Murphy

When in doubt, go for the loose curl style. We love this cult classic look because it can last you 3-4 days, and as your hair gets dirtier, the style just gets better and more natural-looking.

16. Icy Blonde Hair Ponytail

girl with blonde ponytail
Try a simple and sleek ponytail.

Wanting to go for a sleek, powerful look? Gather your hair into a low ponytail. Never underestimate how powerful this simple hairstyle can make you feel.

17. Platinum Blonde Curtain Bangs

girl with platinum blonde curtain bangs
Go for a trendy fringe option!

Curtain bangs are one of the biggest fringe trends, so why not try the style out with a new hair color?

18. Platinum Blonde Shag Haircut

girl with platinum shag haircut
A shag haircut is one of the tops looks this year.

In the mood for mixing two trends? Pair your new icy shade with a shag haircut. This textured style is all the rage right now. The choppiness adds movement and a bit of grunge to the style.

19. Wavy Bob Haircut

girl with short platinum hair
Go for a trendy cropped cut.

A wavy bob is chic and gives off that cool-girl look with actually putting in minimal effort.

20. Shoulder Length Blonde Strands

girl with shoulder length straight platinum hair
For a sleek and straight shoulder-length cut.

A clean, shoulder-length cut is a foolproof style to go with. We love how this haircut works on a variety of hair types and face shapes.

That’s everything you need to know about platinum blonde hair! The process may be a little time-consuming and requires that you give your strands lots of TLC, but the final outcome is undeniably beautiful and versatile.



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