Trending Now: Grown-Out Roots

Eunice Lucero | 19 July 2016
grown out roots blond hair dark roots

And lazy girls and rockstars everywhere rejoiced! Check out this edgy yet highly wearable trend.

Wish: having three hours to spare every few weeks for roots retouching. Fact: Life. So what happens when wish and fact meet? Grown-out roots being a trend right now, that’s what. It’s refreshing to see that fashion is actually taking a real-world cue and articulating this phenomenon where we all want pristine hair color, but have lifestyles that don’t exactly afford such.

Whether you’re just lazy to haul over to the salon every so often or a true, bonafide frontwoman of a garage band, hair color that looks like it’s seen tighter days evokes a feeling of too-cool-to-care. Which, might we add, carries a certain offhand sex appeal, as has always been the case with women with not-so-perfect hair (to wit: bedhead, amirite?). Imperfection is sexy, and just as you presume they’ve been too busy cruising around the world/singing in a punk band/hiding out in a tropical island to care about their color nor about people judging them, you start to think their lives are, indeed, painfully, jetsettingly chic. Je ne sais quoi, non?

To emulate, specifically ask your stylist to leave an inch of roots untouched during your next appointment. Want it more conservative? Ask that they be smudged through, so the color blends in more seamlessly. Keep it tighter though—above your cheekbones—or else you’re flirting with ombré territory, which, though equally fab and on-trend for this year, is another thing altogether.

To style, we like upping the gritty-pretty ante with a revitalizing dry shampoo like TRESemmé Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo, before giving locks a tousle. Follow with a split-end serum, such as Suave Professionals Split End Rescue Split End Hair Serum, to keep the rest of your colored lengths damage-free. Finish with an even blasting of shine spray like Bed Head by TIGI Masterpiece Shine Hairspray for a luxurious gleam.

From what we’ve seen on the runways, ladies who embrace grown-out roots all have one thing in common: They’re always, for some reason, the hottest chicks in the room. Fact.

Check out a few rootin’-tootin’ inspirations:

Modern Day Grown-Out Roots

grown-out roots
Cool grown-out roots elevate a wavy bob.


grown-out roots
Platinum with black roots (and OMG, #glitter!), undeniably pretty in punk.


grown-out roots
Looks unexpected and cutting-edge with an afro. Photo credit:


grown-out roots side part
Worn with a side part, deliberately diffused roots look trés chic and confident. Photo credit:


grown-out roots
Breaking it up with a bang adds to its grrrl power. Photo credit:


Would you try having grown-out roots?