10 New Ways to Wear Thick Box Braids

10 ways to wear beautiful, thick box braids.

If you’re looking for a style that’s effortlessly chic and elegant, then thick box braids might be the best option to consider. These beautiful braids are a low-maintenance way to make a bold hair statement, and we’re willing to bet you’ll find yourself returning to this style time and again. If you’re looking for new ways to wear your thick box braids or are trying out this style for the first time, read on for some major inspiration:

New Ways to Wear Box Braids

1. Formal Occasion Thick Box Braids

thick box braids wedding half updo
A go-to look for formal occasions.

Twist your braids back into a beautiful half-updo that will be perfect for a range of fancy occasions. Whether it’s your own wedding day or you’ve got a big gala coming up, this bold and breathtaking style will look amazing on you.

2. Half Top Knot

thick box braids half top knot
Wear your braids in a trendy half top knot.

Wrap your braids up into a neat and tidy half top knot.

3. Thick Box Braids Side Part

thick box braids side part
Soften your look by wearing your braids in a side part.

Style your braids into a deep side part for a slightly softer look. To lightly cleanse your scalp and braids between washes, use SheaMoisture Moringa & Avocado Power Greens Hair Tea Rinse. This rinse is great because it’s a low lather alternative to shampoo on light wash days. Plus, it helps make hair softer and more manageable.

4. Play with Color

thick box braids purple bronze highlights
Add purple and bronze highlights.

Add some color to your braids by pulling in various shades. We love this combination of purple and bronze for a bold and bright look.

5. Oversized Bun

thick box braids oversized bun
Wrap them into an oversized bun.

Do you often prefer to keep your hair off your face? Try wrapping your braids up into an oversized bun for an elegant yet practical style.

6. Low Ponytail

thick box braids low ponytail
Simple and chic.

Opt for a low ponytail if you’re looking for a style that’s both simple and chic. This style will seamlessly transition from day to night no matter what’s on your agenda.

Before starting your thick box braids, use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner set, like Emerge It’s Knot Happening Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Emerge Smooth Mover Conditioner. This set is great because it’s made with almond milk and fair-trade shea butter to help define and hydrate curls.

7. Wear Them Long

thick box braids long braids
Opt for super long braids.

Consider extra long thick box braids for an even bolder statement.

8. High Ponytail

thick box braids high ponytail
Kick it up a notch with a flirty high ponytail.

Keep your braids out of your face by gathering up into a flirty high ponytail.

9. Pulled Back

thick box braids half pulled back
A low half-up style is work-appropriate and chic.

Pull your braids back into a half-up style for a look that’s both work-appropriate and on-trend.

10. Off-Center Part

thick box braids center part
The off-center part helps add a sharp edge to your look.

Add a sharp edge to your look with a slightly off-center part.

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