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Hair Bows Are Trending — Here’s How to Wear Them

Jump on the hair bow bandwagon

There’s no denying that hair bows are the accessory of the season (perhaps even one of the biggest trends for the year). We’ve seen them everywhere, from runways to red carpets and of course, all over our social feeds.

The return of the hair bow is not surprising, though. Soft, feminine, romantic beauty trends (like the coquette aesthetic) were huge last year, and hair bows embody all these qualities.

What’s especially great about this accessory is that there’s a way to make it work for everyone: every hair type, color, length or cut. And it has the surprising ability to elevate even the simplest of hairstyles. Ponytails, braids or even retro updos — throw a hair bow on and suddenly, you’ve got a statement look.

Below, we’ve curated 15 unique (but incredibly simple) ways to wear the hair bow trend.

Model at Chanel show wearing a hair bow
Spotted: Simple black hair bows at the Chanel Haute Couture S/S 2024 show; Photo by MOHAMMED BADRA/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock

15 versatile ways to wear a hair bow to suit your style

1. Hair bow on a ponytail

Woman wearing a big red hair bow
Photo by Bertrand-Hillion Marie-Paola/ABACA/Shutterstock

Ponytails are underrated, if you ask us. They’re so versatile, can be styled in a myriad ways and often, they’re fairly simple to create. A trick to take the humble ponytail to the next level? Place a hair bow atop the elastic holding your hair, and suddenly, your ponytail becomes avant-garde.

2. Double hair bows on a rope braid

Woman with dark hair in a rope braid accessorized with two black hair bows
Photo credit: Shutterstock

Who says hair accessories can’t look polished? For an evening look, decorate a simple rope braid with hair bows that match your dress.

3. Color blocking with hair bows

Woman with blonde hair with pink ribbons
Photo credit: Shutterstock

Here’s a great example of how to use your hair accessories to tie an outfit together. This fashion week attendee chose a shade that contrasted her dress but matched her handbag.

4. The “more is more” hair bow

Woman in a red dress with red bows in her hair
Photo by Monica Farber/Shutterstock

Sometimes, one just isn’t enough. When you’re in the mood for maximalism, try dotting your hair with as many hair bows as it can handle.

5. Hair bow on natural curls

Woman with curly hair wearing a pale blue hair bow and a matching fuzzy jacket
Photo credit: Shutterstock

Natural curls are beautiful as they are. But to take their charm to the next level, why not pop a big satin hair bow on the side?

Tip: Give your curls an extra dose of definition and sheen with a moisturising leave-in conditioner. We like the Suave Professionals Avocado + Olive Oil Smoothing Leave-In Conditioner that tames frizz like no other.

6. Hair bow with an updo

Woman wearing a braided updo with a red hair bow accessory
Photo credit: Shutterstock

Add an element of fun to your evening look with a playful little hair bow. The accessory pairs well with everything from wispy top knots to slicked-back chignons. For example, the  a braided bun in the look above is elevated with a striking red bow at its base.

7. Baby bows on baby braids

Woman wearing hair ribbons on her baby braids
Photo credit: Shutterstock

Baby braids have a coquettish allure that can be maximised with hair ribbons. Nothing fancy needed here — just hand-tie your bows at the ends of the braids. Choose a ribbon in a bright shade to ensure it really stands out.

8. Hair bows on space buns

Woman wearing hair bows on space buns
Photo credit: Shutterstock

Here’s a lesson in making space buns sophisticated. Two simple, black hair bows are all you need.

9. Hair bow with real hair

Woman with straight blond hair style in the shape of a bow
Photo credit: Shutterstock

Want to really test your hairstyling skills? You could attempt this hair bow made with your actual hair (although we recommend getting a friend to help with this one).

To learn how to recreate this hairstyle, read: 2 Ways to Make a Bow Bun Hairdo

10. Two braids with bows

Woman wearing two braids accessorized with satin ribbons
Photo credit: Shutterstock

Spruce up a simple two braid hairstyle with bows. You can make them look really fancy if you choose glossy satin ribbons.

Read: 10 Perfect Two Braids Hairstyles That We Love

11. Doubled up braids with hair ribbons

Woman outdoors with dark hair in doubled up braids with hair ribbons
Photo credit: Pixta

To create this unique look, intertwine your hair ribbon into your braid and then use the rest of the ribbon to secure your double braid.

12. Hair bows on a pixie haircut

Model with a pixie haircut wearing hair bows
Photo credit: Shutterstock

Don’t let the length of your hair dictate whether on not you can get involved in the hair bow trend. Get inspired by the look above to dot your cropped cut with mini hair bows. Look for pre-made hair bow clips to make the job easy.

13. Two hair bows on long hair

Woman outdoors with two bows in her hair
Photo credit: Pixta

For outdoor picnics or long summer days spent at the park, decorate your wavy hair with two hair bows.

14. The bridal hair bow

Bride outdoors with long hair accessorized with a big hair bow
Photo credit: Pixta

Planning your hairstyle for your wedding day? If you want to make a statement while also sticking to the classics, an ivory hair bow may be exactly what you need.

15. Printed and patterned hair bows

Woman outdoors wearing a gingham dress and matching hair bow
Photo credit: Pixta

Play around with hair bows in various colors, texture and also prints and patterns. We love this look where a gingham dress is complemented with a matching gingham hair bow.

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