questions about your triangle face?

Your Triangle Face Questions Answered plus Inspo Styles

Finding the right hairstyle for your triangle face is much easier than geometry class.

Ah, yes, the triangle face: the shape that craves a hairstyle that will balance out all of its angles. With a triangle face shape, a hairstyle that narrows out your chin works in your favor. If you have an inverted triangle face shape, a hairstyle that will narrow out your forehead and spread out your narrow chin a bit to give it some width works best. Finding the right hairstyle for any face shape can be tricky, and we’re always here to help. If you’re lost and don’t have a clue what hairstyles are fitting for your triangular face shape with wide cheekbones, a wide forehead, and a pointed chin—or the complete flipside of this, a.k.a. the inverted triangle—read on to discover how you can find the hairstyles that work best for your triangle face.

Best Hairstyles for a Triangle Face

What if I want bangs? What can I do?

Getting a full front fringe can be futile, as it may not do anything for your triangular face. However, this shouldn’t deter you from getting bangs. Try out bangs that are parted or wear them swept to the side to minimize the width of your forehead. On an inverted triangle face, some choose to hide their forehead. In that case, opt for a full, thick fringe.

Will long hair do my triangle face shape a disservice?

Yes and no. This really depends on the cut. If you have a long hairstyle that is one length, it may draw more attention to your chin area. You want to slim this area down in appearance, which is easily achieved by getting layers to your long hair. Not only do layers add body and movement to your hair, they also create the illusion of a much narrower chin.

3C hair tight big afro
Pixie haircut on triangle face. Photo credit:

Can I get a pixie haircut for my face shape?

This hairstyle enhances all sorts of facial features, especially your forehead width and the wide angles of your chin. But this is still a hot hairstyle; we believe anyone can pull it off. Ask your stylist for layers within the fringe area of your pixie to frame the hairline. On an inverted triangle face shape, ask for longer layers around your ears to keep your jaw area from being the center of attention.

triangle face long hair with bangs
Bangs on inverted triangle face shape. Photo credit:

I have an inverted triangle face shape. What can I do?

You can do a number of swanky hairstyles. Center parts, diagonal parts, short bobs, and bangs are just a few. They all help to make your forehead appear much narrower. If your forehead is a feature you would rather not hide, steer clear of hairstyles with bangs. Playing with the partition of your hair shows off your forehead nicely as opposed to combing your hair back, which can create a much more jarring statement by making your forehead appear broader in shape.

Which hairstyles should I stay away from?

If you have an inverted triangle face, avoid updos that don’t include a few tresses pulled out at the front to frame your face. Not only does this add style to your hairstyle it also helps soften up the angles of your hair line by slimming down a wide forehead. Avoid one-length hairstyles like blunt bobs that draw too much attention to your chin for a regular triangle face. You don’t want to widen your jaw area even more, and a one-length hairstyle creates too much heaviness to the face. Try to add layers for movement and to create a slimmer illusion.

Did we answer all of your questions about your triangle face? Let us know if there is anything else we can help you out with!

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