14 Hairstyles for Square Faces in Women in Their 40s

Put your best face forward.

Like they say: Age ain’t nothing but a number, right? In spite of that, at this time in your life, you know who you are and what works well for you, you’re already set into your ways. It’s also said that face shapes change as you age. Embrace this period and welcome new hairstyles that flatter your frame. Like all face shapes, square faces are unique and beautiful. However, no matter the frame of your face, switching up your normal hairstyle and finding a new option suitable for you can be challenging. Maybe you’ve been wearing the same style for the last couple of years and finally realize that you are in desperate need of a change. To help you out, we’ve rounded up some classic, sexy, and chic age-appropriate hairstyles for square faces that will work that flawless jawline in your 40s.

Top Hairstyles for Square Faces In Their 40s


loose blonde waves
Looking for a new way to wear your long hair that’s age appropriate and works with your square face frame? Subtle waves are the way to go. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

1. Long Waves

Don’t be afraid to try a look that steers more on the trendy side. You’re stylish and deserve to be in and show everyone what you’ve got! Make long waves work for you with plenty of layering for added shape. This style frames the face and highlights your neck simultaneously.

blonde hair bun
Sometimes you need to pull your hair out of your face and flaunt what you’ve got. Try low- do hairstyles for square faces with a side part. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

2. Updo

 Opt for an updo hairstyle like the bun. Buns or ponytail’s place at the center of your crown are casual, age-appropriate, and work well for your square face as you show off that lovely frame of yours!

natural hair afro
Rock a natural afro in your 40’s and embrace your  square face frame.

3. Short Tapered Fro

The short tapered fro is a chic way to showcase natural curls as you showcase a slightly longer length at the top center portion of your hair. Meanwhile, the longer length works in unison with the edges of your frame, resulting in a stunning look!

hairstyles for square faces bangs
A full on thick fringe can widen your face and make it appear boxy. Try parted bangs or bangs with a wispy effect, it creates  better hairstyle for a square face. Photo credit: Dvora

4. Wispy Bangs

With this style: The eyes have it. Downplay some of your features and draw attention to the eyes with bangs that have been separated down the middle or towards the side. Aim to avoid a full on fringe as it may lean towards the harsh side for your face shape. This look is one of the best best haircuts for square faces; stunning and versatile as you can switch up your parts, or try a side-swept bang for a quick transformation.


bob haircut
Rock a stunning look with your square face when you are over 40.

5. Chin-Length Bob

With your given face frame, show off your strongest features in a subtle way. The chin length bob is one of the best hairstyles for square faces, as it’s perfect for gently accentuating your amazingly strong jawline.

hairstyles for square faces curls
Looking for long hairstyles for square faces? Soft sultry curls add a feminine touch to long hair and with a side part it takes away from the width of your forehead area.

6.  Parted Medium Haircut 

Love long hair? This is one of the best haircut for square faces, as its cut and off-centered partings complement the symmetry of your face. Mix this style up with loose soft curls and graduated layers. Work this hairstyle!

hairstyles for square faces fishtail braid bun
Ponytail feels too young? Coil a fishtail braid into a bun.

7. Sophisticated Fishtail Braid

Remember you’ve already proven that you’re fearless, and can really care less what others think! Perfect for special occasions with an added side swept fringe to frame your face, a fishtail braid is definitely a trendy style you can try in your 40s.  

long layers
Still in love with your edgy side? Try a mature looking wispy shoulder length style. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

8. Layered and Textured Cut

A very flattering and stylish option. A great way to play with hair for square faces. Adding layers and some color to the cut adds character, but overall texture is key. Anywhere from a pixie to a shoulder length haircut, choose the cut that you love and feel most comfy with.

hairstyles for square faces twist out natural hair
Loose curls on natural hair. Try this style out by doing a twist out.

9. Loose Curls

Worn long or short, loose curls take the attention away from your square jawline and broad forehead nicely. This look is fun to rock in your 40s, and has a sexier touch when infused with touchable amount of volume.

hairstyles for square faces long red hair
Whether your hair is long or short, off-center part hairstyles for square faces are ideal for framing the face.

10. Updo with a Fringe

Frame your square face with an updo style of your choice. The bend at the ends of your long fringe softens your jawline and adds extra impact as well as some serious glam-factor to your style.  

haircuts for square faces pixie cut
Cool off center bangs are chic for square faces. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

11. Side-swept bangs for square faces

Whether you’re wearing a shoulder length cut or a super short crop add a set of delicate side swept bangs which can reshape the appearance of your square face. Your bangs should be long enough to offer you some versatility, allowing you to style them to any side you want or tuck them away — which is especially crucial on a hot summer day. Allow your bangs to stand out by flicking the ends outward with a flat iron. The wispy effect you’ve created softens up the hairline, making the sharp lines less prominent. Alternatively, smooth your bangs across your forehead for a simple and classy everyday look. It’s details like these that can turn a haircut into amazing haircuts for square faces.

haircuts for square faces angled bob
You might want to try an angled crop for your square face. Photo credit: Dvora

12. Asymmetrical haircut for square faces

This haircut helps to create the illusion of an elongated face. Square faces tend to appear very boxy and some hairstyles can make this look very unflattering. Give the appearance of a longer face with an asymmetrical haircut. This can either be longer only on one side or a graduated haircut —short at the back and longer towards the front. The long pieces take away the symmetry of the face and softens up the hard lines around the jaw. Asymmetrical haircuts are super chic short hairstyles for square faces, but need to be trimmed a tad more often than a non-asymmetrical cut.

short pixie cut
In the market for super short haircuts for square faces? Try a pixie with wispy bangs to soften hard lines on a square face. Photo credit: Dvora

13. Pixie haircut for square faces 

If you want to go really short, decide on an on-trend hairstyle like the pixie haircut. This stylish haircut will highlight your amazing bone structure since the length reveals more of your face. You can tone parts of your face down by adding a wispy front fringe or a side swept fringe to this haircut which also gives the haircut an edgy appeal.

Haircuts for square faces with micro bangs
Micro bangs on square hairline to soften up hard lines. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

14. Short fringe for square faces

A shorter fringe complements a square face. Have your fringe stop at least an inch higher than your eyebrows to take the edge off the angles around your forehead area. This baby fringe is super light and airy and you don’t have to worry too much about them getting into your eyes which longer bangs tend to do. However, keep this bad boy trimmed with a slight dusting of the ends, maintaining the overall shape and style. Pair these stylish bangs up with an elongated bob or a shorter crop and tousle with your fingers for an undone finish.

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