10 Fun, Flirty and Flattering Hairstyles for Fuller Faces

Flattering and fun hairstyles to consider.

You might be surprised to hear how many times the phrase “hairstyles for fat faces” has been searched on the internet in the last year alone. While we’re all about finding the haircut and hairstyle that best suit you, we’re also always here for body positivity and finding ways to include self-love in that conversation. In this collection of “hairstyles for fat faces” we’ve included 10 styles that flatter women with rounder and fuller faces.

Read on to find hairstyles for fat faces and haircuts for fat faces that work for you:

10 Hairstyles for Fat Faces

hairstyles for fat faces tousled low updo
Gather your tousled strands up into a low updo.

1. Tousled Updo

Add a touch of texture to your hair by spraying it with TRESemmé One Step Volume 5-in-1 Volumizing Mist while it’s still damp from your shower, sleep on your wet hair, and then gather it up into a tousled updo.

hairstyles for fat faces red curls
Let your curls run free.

2. Wild Curls

Wear your curls natural and wild for lots of texture and volume.

hairstyles for fat faces multi directional curls
Alternate the direction of your curls.

3. Multi-Directional Curls

Use a curling iron to curl your strands and alternate the direction of each curl for a more natural look.

hairstyles for fat faces low ponytail
Try a classic low ponytail.

4. Classic Ponytail

When it doubt, pull your hair into a low ponytail.

hairstyles for fat faces loose updo chic
This loose updo is all kinds of chic.

5. Loose Updo

This loose updo is both chic and flattering. By leaving some strands loose in the front, you’re making sure to frame your face in an ultra-flattering way.

hairstyles for fat faces dyed pixie
Go short.

6. Pixie

Go super short with your look and ask your stylist for a pixie haircut.

hairstyles for fat faces dark brown curls
Try a classic curled style.

7. Classic Curls

Try this classic look that works for every occasion. From work to a fancy event, this look is appropriate for absolutely everything on your calendar. Add some extra volume to your roots by washing and conditioning your hair with Bed Head by TIGI Fully Loaded Massive Volume Shampoo and Bed Head by TIGI Recharge Conditioner.

hairstyles for fat faces curled under layers light red
Highlight your layers with a curled under style.

8. Curled Under

Show off your layered haircut by curling the ends under in a soft and flattering style.

hairstyles for fat faces brunette blown out
Learn how to DIY a blowout.

9. At-Home Blowout

Hack the at-home blowout and never pay salon prices again!

hairstyles for fat faces blonde curls side part
Try an always-flattering side part.

10. Side Part

Style any hairstyle into a side part for an instant way to make any look more flattering.

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