5 of The Best Short Haircuts for Square Faces

Soften up angular lines and bring out your best features with these styling options.

At some point in their life, everyone probably has the itch to check out a short haircut, however, our distinctive face shapes can make the process of choosing the right cut quite difficult. Like all face shapes, square faces have distinct features and attributes that can limit some styling options. Or at least that’s what you’ve always thought. We love how short haircuts can actually work in your favor as they accentuate your cheekbones and soften up your jawline and sharp lines of your square face. These cuts are also fun to try out, and if you aren’t feeling the style, we love how they are low-commitment and can easily grow out. Read on to discover some short haircuts for square faces that can complement your face shape:

1. Side-swept bangs for square faces

haircuts for square faces pixie cut
Cool off center bangs are chic for square faces. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Whether you’re wearing a shoulder length cut or a super short crop add a set of delicate side swept bangs which can reshape the appearance of your square face. Your bangs should be long enough to offer you some versatility, allowing you to style them to any side you want or tuck them away — which is especially crucial on a hot summer day. Allow your bangs to stand out by flicking the ends outward with a flat iron. The wispy effect you’ve created softens up the hairline, making the sharp lines less prominent. Alternatively, smooth your bangs across your forward for a simple and classy everyday look.

2. Asymmetrical haircut for square faces

haircuts for square faces angled bob
You might want to try an angled crop for your square face. Photo credit: Dvora

This haircut helps to create the illusion of an elongated face. Give the appearance of a longer face with an asymmetrical haircut. This can either be longer only on one side or a graduated haircut —short at the back and longer towards the front. The long pieces take away the symmetry of the face and soften up the hard lines around the jaw.

3. Chin length bob for square faces

bob for square faces
Chin length bob creates a round illusion to a square face. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

Believe it or not, the chin-length bob works with and not against your square face. So go ahead and try out that pageboy you’ve been always wanting. This hairstyle accentuates but doesn’t draw too much attention to your jaw. Try not to go any shorter than your chin as a shorter length will make your jaw stand out, and expose the sharp lines. The length of this particular bob should frame your jawline giving it a soft appearance.

4. Pixie haircut for square faces 

short pixie cut
In the market for super short haircuts for square faces? Try a pixie with wispy bangs to soften hard lines on a square face. Photo credit: Dvora

If you want to go really short, decide on an on-trend hairstyle like the pixie haircut. This stylish haircut will highlight your amazing bone structure since the length reveals more of your face. You can tone parts of your face down by adding a wispy front fringe or a side-swept fringe to this haircut which also gives the haircut an edgy appeal.

5. Short fringe for square faces

Haircuts for square faces with micro bangs
Micro bangs on square hairline to soften up hard lines. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

A shorter fringe complements a square face. Have your fringe stop at least an inch higher than your eyebrows to take the edge off the angles around your forehead area. This baby fringe is super light and airy and you don’t have to worry too much about them getting into your eyes which longer bangs tend to do. However, keep this bad boy trimmed with a slight dusting of the ends, maintaining the overall shape and style. Pair these stylish bangs up with an elongated bob or a shorter crop and tousle with your fingers for an undone finish.

Which of these short haircuts for square faces are you going to try?

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