Thin Face Haircut Ideas: 21 Looks to Suit Your Face Shape

Slim, trim and all-around chic.

For many, finding the right haircut for a thin face shape can feel like the ultimate research project. While it is great to carefully look for the perfect cut, the process should never feel overwhelming. This is where we come in! We understand that you either way to conceal your face frame, highlight it because you love it, or create the effect of a fuller face, so we rounded up 21 of our most coveted haircut ideas. Scroll through to see our favorites:

Haircut for A Thin Face: 21 Ideas for Women


thin face: blunt bangs
Blunt and neat. Photo credit:

1. Blunt Bangs

Pair up your thin face shape with a chin length haircut to frame your face and a sharp blunt bang to match.

thin face: textured bangs
Layered and textured. Photo credit:

2. Layered Bangs

If you’re looking to hide the narrow look of your face shape, a layered bang helps conceal it in a stylish way. To create a more stylish effect, go for wispy bangs.

thin face: bangs
The classic cut. Photo credit:

3. Long Bangs

Have a face frame that gradually becomes narrow toward the bottom like an inverted triangle? Try longer bangs to balance it all out.

thin face: angled bangs
Angled to perfection. Photo credit:

4. Angled Bangs

An angled bang helps give the illusion of a fuller face shape.


thin face: full and layered pixie
Swept to the side with a full, layered look. Photo credit:

5. Side Part Pixie

While a heart shaped face doesn’t really fall under the skinny or thin face category, many women love to accentuate their skinny chin with a super short pixie cut.

thin face: boy cut
Borrowed from the boys. Photo credit:

6. Boy Cut Pixie

Have a masculine and thin face frame that you love? Embrace it with a cute boy cut pixie haircut.

thin face: edgy cut
Living on the edge with style. Photo credit:

7. Edgy Pixie

Embrace your thin face shape with an edgy pixie cut that adds visual interest to your overall look.

skinny face: comb over cut
Comb it over. Photo credit:

8. Comb Over Undercut Pixie

Offset the look of a broad forehead on a narrow face with this combover pixie style.

skinny face: afro
Go with the ‘fro. Photo credit:

9. The Super Short ‘Fro

Let it ‘fro. Try this low-maintenance hairstyle to highlight your face shape and your hair texture at the same time.


skinny face: long bob
The long bob works for any face shape. Photo credit:

10. The Long Bob

Otherwise know as a lob, this haircut works well at accentuating and framing the shape of your narrow face.

skinny face: wavy hair
Wavy and fun.

11. The Wavy Lob

Give your narrow face frame and skinny chin a softer effect with wavy locks that hit at your neck.

Straight Bob

skinny face: flipped hair
That ’70s chick. Photo credit:

12. The Flipped Bob

If you’re looking for a fun and stylish retro haircut idea for your thin face, go for this ’70s-inspired flipped bob.

skinny face: gelled roots
Set the trend, girl! Photo credit:

13. Side-Swept Gelled Roots Bob

It’s no secret that gelled or wet-looking hairstyles are having a moment. However, if you want to try something different from the pack, take a stab at this gelled roots bob style. Swing it over to one side to give your narrow face shape the spotlight.

skinny face: center part
You can’t ever go wrong with a center part. Photo credit:

14. Middle-Parted Bob

If you’re looking for the right bob haircut to complement your thin face, go for the asymmetrical look.

skinny face: short bob
The micro bob. Photo credit:

15. Super Short Bob

Add symmetry to your thin face with a super short bob that hits your face frame at the center of your cheeks.

deep side part skinny face
The chic deep part.

16. Deep Side Part Bob

Off-center parts and deep side parts are our favorite styling hacks for creating the illusion of a fuller face shape.

Curly Bob

skinny face: short curly hair
Curls in full swing. Photo credit:

17. Loose Curly Bob

Big loose curls help create the illusion of a fuller face shape.

skinny face: bob with ringlets
Ringlets with a twist! Photo credit:

18. Asymmetrical Ringlets with Ombré

Try an angled curly cut with an ombré to add dimension to your hair and give your face the illusion of a rounder shape.

skinny face: loose wave
The perfect loose wave. Photo credit:

19. Loose Wave

Have a narrow face with hard lines within your frame? Use a loose wave short cut to soften up the edges.


skinny face: mullet cut
Kick it back ol’ school with the mullet cut. Photo credit:

20. The Mullet Cut

For a thin face with a prominent jawline, try this long mullet cut to balance out the proportions.

skinny face: short mullet
Go shorter with this razored look. Photo credit: Dvora

21. The Shorter Mullet

If the previous option is too long for your taste, opt for this shorter version.

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