Fashion Month Street Style: London Calling

The Brits are bringing style in spades.

Truth be told, one of the best and most snapworthy things about fashion isn’t anymore just about what people wear on the runway shows, but what they wear while watching them. Fashion month street style has earned itself its own space on the industry radar, with thousands of people around the world stalking online publications to peruse galleries dedicated to their favorite sartorial idols. It’s like regular fashion blogging, on steroids—and events like fashion month certainly bring out the competitive athlete in all of us!

Style-spotting outside the shows proves to be as awesome as the shows themselves. And if you’re savvy, you can actually see the season’s upcoming trends in real life, via fabulous interpretations from your fave street stars. This week’s trendspotting edition is all about what’s hot on the London scene, as the fashion month cycle picks off from the electric, citified looks seen in New York Fashion Week and makes its way across the Atlantic, where a distinct Euroflash flavor and eclectic vibe abound. Read on to see the best fashion month street style hair trends we’re loving from this bold British capital:

Our Favorite Fashion Month Street Style Trends: London Edition

fashion month street style beret
You better believe we’re picking up this Parisian staple. Photo credit:

1. Berets

Looks like the Brits gave a nod to their neighbors on the other end of the Eurostar—berets were a big hit on the streets, a trend we surmise will only get even bigger as the cooler months come rolling by. We can’t wait to update our headwear from last year’s pom-pom beanie, and with an accessory that’s too cute to resist too. Channel (or shall we say, chunnel?) the charm of this archetypal Parisian look—without the corniness—with a cozy beret worn at an angle, as a punctuation mark to that oversized fall coat. You can probably find a lot of embellished versions in stores, but we can’t deny the appeal of a chic, classic black or burgundy.

To cop the look, prep hair with a setting spray (we like the touchable staying power we get from Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray). A few strategic bobby pins on the underseam helps secure your beret in place.

fashion month street style baker boy hats
Make like a modern-day newsy with this It-girl fave. Photo credit:

2. Baker Boy Hats

Another accessory that’s made its way overseas is the newsboy cap, a.k.a. the baker boy hat. If this trend seems all-too-familiar to you, you’re not wrong: Not only has the “newsy” been around since the 19th century, it’s also had several trend renaissances, most remarkably in the late 1980s, early 1990s and mid-2000s. This time around marks yet another baker boy resurgence, which only proves its mettle as a modern classic that quite literally, has never gone completely out of style! We’re chalking it up to its forgiving shape, ease of wear and its typically fall-friendly material (usually wool, tweed or even leather). Of course, we’ve already rhapsodized over all of this when we spotted the trend in our own backyards a few weeks ago—but they’re just so cool, so irrepressibly It-girl-du-jour, we couldn’t resist.

fashion month street style buzz cut
Shorter can definitely be sweeter, even in the colder months. Photo credit:

3. The Buzz Cut

We have a lot of feelings about this polarizing haircut, but questioning the sheer daring that goes into getting it is certainly not one of them. Definitely not for the faint of heart, the female buzz cut is, for the most part, a statement—which, depending on your proclivities, can be one that’s subversive, political, purely aesthetic or all of the above. The fact that it’s been making recent waves both onscreen and on fashion month street style stars for a while now is also proof positive that at the end of the day, the best, most photogenic accessory is confidence.

Regular trips to the barbershop or salon are crucial to maintaining your fuzz. Don’t forget that scalp is also skin—it needs hydration and moisture, and is just as prone to dryness without it. A drop of a lightweight hair oil, like Nexxus New York Salon Care Oil Infinite Nourishing Oil, contains a rich blend of six oils to help moisturize.

fashion month street style grungy bobs
A tousled, air-dried texture is clutch. Photo credit:

4. Grungy Bobs

The in-between stage never looked so good! Perhaps a logical progression of this summer’s blunt bob trend is what we’ve been seeing everywhere, i.e. the wavy, tousled bob/lob. Add to that an on-trend, athleisure-meets-1970s center part, and you’ve got a super-current grungy look that’s, for some reason, still enviably chic. The look makes perfect sense for the season too, particularly when teamed up with a beret or newsy; it also gives a low-key foil to all the other more extra beauty trends hitting radars these days, like statement nails and a whole lotta glitter.

Reimagine that relaxed, college-kid aesthetic brought on by the grungy bob with a balm that texturizes as you air-dry. Bed Head by TIGI Joyride helps give strands that bedhead look while still imparting definition and swing.

Save this space as we continue to update our fashion month street style galleries as the events happen across the globe. For a refresher on what you may have missed on our shores, head on over here to get your NYFW fix.

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