Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes: 14 Looks We’re Obsessed With

New hairstyles to add to your favorites.

Everyone has experienced a hairstyle that they loved and tried, only to feel disappointed about how it looked on them as it didn’t really suit their face shape. This is where finding the right hairstyles for different face shapes comes in. We’ll be honest, you don’t have to follow all of the rules in the book, but it is good to know what hairstyle suits you well.

If you want help determining your face shape, you can use our handy guide for finding the right hairstyles for every face type. Below we’re providing you with even more hairstyle ideas by face shape:

14 Hairstyles by Face Shapes To Love

Hairstyles for Square Faces

As we noted in our face shape guide, when it comes to square faces styles like the classic bob may not be your first hairdo of choice as it tends to draw attention to your jaw area. However, as we said, this isn’t a hard rule and it can be broken. If you want a bob, try it out and you can opt for something that has layers instead.

different face shapes: bob on square face shape
Layers add movement to your bob. Photo credit: indigitalimages. com

1. Bob on Square Face Shape

If you’re planning to break the “rules” and go for a bob on a square face shape anyway. We suggest asking your stylist to add layers to break up the boxy effect a bob may create. Have fun with this look and add texture with the help of a salt spray like Suave Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion Texturizing Sea Salt Spray.

different face shapes: pixie feathered bangs
Add a little feather action to make your bangs stand out. Photo credit:

2. Pixie with Feathered Bangs

We love the idea of wearing a short pixie to help elongate the look of a square face shape. Try incorporating bangs if you’re trying to conceal the square shape of your forehead.

different face shapes:
An easy way to pull off a bob cut. Photo credit:

3. Middle Part Bob

Here’s another way to make a bob haircut work for your face shape. Part your hair down the center to create symmetry and tuck your hair behind your ears to prevent your cut from widening your jaw area.

Hairstyles for Oval Face Shapes

Oval face shapes are said to be one of the easiest face shapes to style as you can wear any hairstyle under the sun. We suggest trying out any type of hair trend you desire. Braids seem to be everyone’s favorite at the moment.

different face shapes: cornrow braids
Dress up cornrow braids for fancy events. Photo credit:

4. Cornrow Braids

This look from the runway is another way to incorporate braids into your hairstyle.

Different Face Shapes: Accent Braid
Add an accent braid to update your long hairstyles.

5. Accent Braids

Accent braids are another fun, yet, chic way to wear braids on different face shapes.

different face shapes: crown braid
Go full-on or try a half crown braid.

6. The Crown Braid

A crown braid is the perfect look for special occasions. Try this iteration on an oval face shape.

Oblong Face Shape Hairstyles

When looking for the right hairstyles for this face shape, be sure to keep in mind that you want styles that add some width to your face. Short cuts like bobs, or medium length cuts like lobs may work in your favor.

different face shapes: jawline bob
The perfect match.

7. The Jawline Bob

Try a bob that hits you right at the jaw to help create width.

different face shapes: lob haircut
TFW you know your hairstyle is a head-turner.

8. Voluminous Lob

Aim for lob haircuts with layers for volume and movement to complement your oblong face shape. For more staying power, seal your hairstyle with a flexible-hold hairspray like Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray.

Round Face Shape Hairstyle Ideas

The key to the right look for round faces typically involve styles that don’t add more weight to your face shape. Many women opt for looks that have a slimming effect. A bone straight hairstyle could help with this.

different face shapes: bone straight hair
Sleek hair fits a round face. Photo credit:

9. Bone Straight Hair

Go for a super sleek and straight style for your face shape. This hairstyle can work on different face shapes, but we love the look of it on rounded domes. To style, use a blowdry spray like TRESemmé Get Sleek Blowdry Balm.

different face shapes: deep side part
Give your face shape a bit of symmetry with a side part.

10. Deep Side Part

A side part can help add symmetry to your face. Opt for this deep side part style to complement your round face shape.

different face shapes: curly afro
A curly fluffy crop suits a round face shape.

11. Curly ‘Fro

Have naturally curly hair? The curly afro is a fun look that works well with your face shape.

Heart Face Shape Hairstyles to Try

Most women love to accentuate the shape of their heart shaped face. If this sounds like something you want to try, go for hairstyles that don’t hide your face frame. For example, a hairstyle with bangs will hide the features you want to highlight.

different face shapes: low bun
Highlight your face shape with a sleek low bun. Photo credit:

12. Low Bun

Embrace your face shape with a pulled back look.

different face shapes: bangs
If you want to hide your forehead, go for a stylish fringe. Photo credit:

13. The Fringe

On the flip side, if you want a hairstyle that hides your forehead area, then bangs are your friend.

different face shapes: curly pixie
Fun and flirty crop. Photo credit:

14. The Curly Pixie

This pulled back curly pixie is a great way to embrace your curly hair texture and your heart face shape. Pull a few curls to the front to frame your forehead.

Looking for hairstyles by hair texture? Scroll through this guide to score your new look. 

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