Need a new hair regimen?
Need a new hair regimen?

How To Find the Right Hairstyles for All Face Types

An easy method to find and style frame you have

In this day and age, there’s really no right or wrong when it comes to deciding on what hairstyle you want to wear. With an infinite amount of hairstyles out there you can have a go at any style you fancy, and even create new ones that don’t exist yet! However, there are some who might find comfort in sticking to the rules as they look for options that complement and flatter their face types.

If you’re in need of help with determining the right hairstyle for your face, you can conduct a face shape test by standing in front of a mirror and outline your face outline on the mirror using a China marker or a lip liner. Step back and evaluate the shape you created. Was it a heart, oval, circle or square? After you determine your face shape, read on to find some of our favorite hairstyles for all face types:


With an even shape all around the perimeter, the round face shape has a solid structure. Hairstyles that take away from the fuller parts of your face, like the cheeks, work best. Stay away from haircuts with one length as they can make the fullness of your face your focal feature. Layered hairstyles add breadth and depth to your face. Try out a short haircut with tapered ends.

Need a new hair regimen?
hairstyles for every face type brunette lob bangs
Mix up your hairstyle with a fringe or subtle layers to downplay fullness on a round face. Photo credit: Dvora

1. Subtle Layers

Add subtle layers to your cut to help create the illusion of a longer face shape. Styles like waves and textured looks are ideal if you want take the attention away from your round face shape. To maintain your look, one of your go-to stylers should be a salt spray, like Bed Head By TIGI Queen Beach Salt Infused Texture Spray.

face types: curly natural hair on round face type
Natural curls suit any face type.

2. Short and Curly

Try this side updo on naturally curly hair to create symmetry within your round face shape. To define your curls, apply TRESemmé Flawless Curls Defining Gel throughout your strands while they’re clean and damp, and then air-dry or use a diffuser.

face types round micro bangs
Go micro to elongate your face. Photo credit:

3. Micro Bangs

Here’s something you may not know: While micro bangs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, the style does serve a purpose for many. Try this version of the fringe to help elongate your face shape.

face types round pixie
Embrace your face.

4. Pixie Cut

Are you all about finding the hairstyles that make your face shape stand out? You can’t go wrong with a pixie haircut. Go really short and add layers to give your short ‘do movement and body.


This face shape is slim with a delicate structure. The ideal hairstyle for this face shape will help add width to your face and take away the long appearance. Curly and wavy hairstyles work in your favor by giving you a more elliptical shape. Try out a long, voluminous and curly hairstyle.

 hairstyles for every face type long brown ombre
Long layers with face framing bangs add width to an oblong face type. Photo credit: Dvora

5. Long Layers

Fake the look of long layers on your hair but adding curls or waves to a few sections of your hair. This technique helps create the illusion of a wider face shape on oblong face types.

face types: blowouts on oblong faces
Voluminous blowouts add the right amount of width to your face shape.

Voluminous blowout styles work well oblong face shapes. Do an at-home blowout to create that salon look you love on a dime!


The eyes and the cheeks are the center of attraction for this face shape. Opt for hairstyles that make these features of your face the focal point. Short layers on a short haircut would do a disservice to your face shape, so opt for longer layers that draw attention to your best features. Within the heart face shape, the chin tends to be quite pointy or prominent for many. Layers that are full of body and waves flatter your face frame. Give a layered medium-length hairstyle with side swept bangs a shot.

 hairstyles for every face type blonde balayage long hair
Keeping your hair out of your face draws attention to the eyes and cheeks on a heart-shaped face. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

7. Grown Out Lob

Lobs are great for heart face shapes. As the haircut grows out, it looks even better and accentuates your face frame. To soften up any lines, opt for adding waves or curls to your ends.

face types: heart face soft curls
Soften your face shape all around with pillow soft curls.


Try a fun and flirty look like soft curls. Use your curls to frame and accentuate the shape of your heart face shape. Set hair with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Extend Hold Level 4 to give your curls staying power.


This face shape is said to be the most versatile of all face shapes because the facial structure is balanced from top to bottom—narrow at the temples and along the jawline. Hairstyles offered in varied lengths will all work in your favor. To get the most out of a short haircut on an oval face shape, go for layers that highlight whichever features you want to bring out. For instance, you could ask for layers that highlight your eyes, or your lips. You want to stay away from hairstyles that are too heavy or voluminous at the top area of your hair as they will stretch your face frame in appearance, making it look longer. Opt for a blunt cut.

hairstyles for every face type pineapple hair
Play around with updo hairstyles on an oval face frame to show off any other facial features you’d like to highlight. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

9. Updo Styles

What better way to put your oval face shape front and center than with an updo. Pull hair up into a bun or a curly ponytail style.

face types: low bun
Never met a face type this look didn’t work for. Photo credit:

10. Low Bun

Low ponytails and buns are also great on oval face shapes. Wear this style when you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s suitable for more serious occasions.


This equal sided face shape usually consist of a wide forehead, cheeks, and jawline. The goal with this face shape is to use the softening technique. Employ hairstyles that soften up any feature you want to downplay. For instance, a hairstyle with face-framing layers will help take the edge off your jawline. Avoid hairstyles and haircuts with one uniform length. This will only draw more attention to your face shape and create a more square and boxy appearance to your face frame. In other words, the classic bob haircut may not be the best choice, try out a long layered hairstyle that frames your face.

blonde balayage
Off center parts and a long fringe adds dimension on a square face. Photo credit: Dvora

11. Off-Center Parts

The way in which you part your hair can help offset the perfect symmetry that comes naturally with your square face shape. Try an off-center hair part to add dimension.

face types: short hair
Let that strong jaw poke out behind your short cut. Photo credit:

12. Short Hair

There’s a way you can get away with wearing a short cut and we’ve got the formula for you. Use waves to soften hard lines around your jaw area and break up the perfectly square shape of your face by pulling one side of hair behind your ear.

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