6 Short Hairstyles for Square Faces in Women Over 30

Alyssa François | 27 May 2016

Be inspired by these haircuts that are age, and square face shape friendly! 

In your 30s, you’re starting to figure out who you truly are, and maybe even starting to settle down in your dating life, or making your way on your chosen career path. Give yourself a pat on the back, girlfriend! Either way, at this time your overall look is changing, and you may be contemplating a short hairstyle that better fits your age and lifestyle. But one factor seems to be standing in your way: You’re confused about finding the right crop that complements your strong jawline and square face. Quit pouting already: We’ve rounded up the most flattering styles that will help soften your jawline and embrace your age. When it comes to crops and cuts, the right hairstyles for square faces are those rife with waves, layers or a combination of both. They’re a powerful enhancement to your facial features, giving them some symmetry. Check out our gallery of short hairstyles for square faces to complement both your features and your lifestyle:

Best Short Hairstyles for Square Faces

brown bob haircut
Ask your stylist for layers to give your wavy hair movement and more texture. This will also downplay the strong lines on a square face. Photo credit: Dvora

1. Wavy bob

This hairstyle embraces your maturity but doesn’t feel boring. A mid-length bob with waves is feminine, young and vibrant. This hairstyle looks fuller on a thick mane, but if you have thin hair ask your stylist to infuse some subtle scattered layers within your cut to add a strong texture and body. This wavy bob creates a favorable softness around the face.

spiky pixie haircut
The spiky pixie. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

2. Spiky layered crop

These days you’re probably super busy with work and could use a style that’s low-maintenance. Opt for a spiky crop like this one. This crop has a piecey and layered front fringe that helps soften up your square-shaped hairline and works against making your jaw appear more square. Ask your stylist to add a subtle side part in your fringe to take away from the angles of your face. The spiky layers at the crown help transform your face, giving you a charming youthful appeal and add body to the hairstyle.


curly pixie haircut
One of the options for short hairstyles for square faces include a sexy pixie. Accentuate your frame with a curly pixie cut. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

3. Curly pixie

Perhaps in your 20s you were sporting flawless long curls that felt too young to bring into your 30s. Embrace your hair texture a bit more with a curly pixie with choppy layers. Opt for a longer top that will help accentuate your natural texture and will allow you to alter the curls from time to time because some days you may want a tightly coiled curl and others you may be in the mood for a looser curl!

short hairstyles worn straight with layers
The look of wispy layers help soften up a strong jawline on a square face. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

4. Wispy short cut

At this time of your life, maintaining your confidence is at the forefront of your goals. This sexy haircut gives your self-esteem an extra boost with some edgy layers. The feathery layers of this short haircut will help soften your jawline and create a flexible movement in your hairstyle.

shag with bangs
Bangs help soften hard lines on a square face shape around the top area of the face. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

5. Wavy shag cut with bangs

You’re still the trendsetter amongst your group of gal pals. Opt for a statement-making cut like this one: The shaggy ends of this cut offset the squareness of your face. If you already have a wavy texture, ask for longer layers at softer angles; these layers will help frame your face and minimize some width at your cheeks. The bangs will also artfully camouflage a strong hairline.

red-lob short hairstyles for square faces
Play it safe if your scared to go really short. A lob haircut accentuates a square face shape.

6. Mussed long bob

This may not be a super-short haircut, but if you currently have a set of very long locks and you want to take baby steps, this may be the right haircut for you. Ask your stylist to chop your locks right to the top of your shoulders. Add a side-swept front fringe to soften up the lines of your face. The mussed-up effect of this haircut should be achieved with a strong layering game, which will give you a modern “undone” look.


Which of these short hairstyles for square faces will you try?


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