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For the past two years, we’ve seen the lob revolutionize the way we all thought about medium-length hair; no longer was it merely a no-man’s land between a short bob and long, mermaid hair. Elevated from being just a humble in-between filler or simply a means to an end, the lob, especially with inclusion in the hottest messy wavy hairstyles loved by both influencers and style stars, has become a definite It girl staple.

For this post, we deconstruct how to achieve messy wavy hairstyles such as the chunky lob in just a few steps. Read on and see how you, too, can work this look like a bonafide fashionista:

Messy Wavy Hairstyles: the Blogger Lob

messy wavy hairstyles chunky lob front
A great balayage also highlights the details of this wavy ‘do. Photo credit: Nick Urteaga

Step 1: Wash your hair with a wave-enhancing system.

Hair aficionados worth their salt know that any long-lasting style usually starts in the shower. A shampoo and conditioner that has lightweight moisturizers, like TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Shampoo and TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Conditioner with Sea Kelp Extract helps create a base for effortless-looking waves. Rinse well.

Step 2: Towel-dry and follow with a salt spray.

Blot hair with a towel, and then lightly spritz on a salt spray, such as Suave Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion Texturizing Sea Salt Spray, for texture and edgier waves. Mist hair all over, and then rough-dry with a blowdryer.

Step 3: Give yourself a blowout—no, really.

As TRESemmé Lead Stylist Jeanie Syfu mentioned, “a good foundation is key for [waves and curls] to work,” and, as counterintuitive as it sounds, this is usually done via a proper blowout. No need to stress about it: Just go in with a flat brush or a paddle brush to ensure kinks are straightened out before you curl.

Step 4: Use a bigger curling iron barrel.

The smaller the barrel, the tighter the curl. So for this lob, or if you want messy wavy hairstyles with a chunkier bend, a 1 1/2” curling iron is best. First divide hair into top and bottom sections, then further divide into left, middle and right. Twirl each section around the barrel (holding it horizontally gives a softer, structured wave, vertically gives beachier waves), hold for around five to eight seconds, then release. Curl the fringe area last.

messy wavy hairstyles chunky lob back
Vertical waves give a beachier, more tousled feel. Photo credit: Nick Urteaga

Step 5: Mess it up.

Gently brush out your curls with a paddle brush (we like Nexxus Ibiza CX2 Paddle Hair Brush), scrunching from the ends up to give it more of a tousled feel. Finish with an anti-frizz hairspray, like Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Anti-Humidity Hairspray, to set. You’re done!

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Eunice Lucero
Peace and hair grease, Eunice
13 March 2017