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Tousled Hair Guide For Summer Waves

Our basic styling guide to nailing the wavy look this season.

If you were asked to name the one hairstyle you would try if you were stranded on beach what would you say? We’re sure it’s most likely the beach wave. You know, the sexy, tousled, natural-looking wavy hairstyle that every girl wants. Tousled hair is one of the hottest looks to wear this summer, and not to mention one of the easiest to achieve. No matter where you are this summer (because you really don’t need a beach to get this look), here’s how to get the tousled, wavy hairstyle you crave on any hair length. Here’s a cool takeaway: You can mix and match these methods on any hair length. Try it out and stick to whichever works best for you, and the look you’re aiming for.

How to Get Tousled Hair for Every Length

short layered cut tousled hair
Sexify your short haircut by adding a mussed up tousled wave. Photo credit:

Short tousled hair

It’s very easy to get the look on short hair. On clean dry hair, apply a heat protectant like TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray to protect your hair from damage. This heat tamer not only protects hair from heat damage, but also works to replenish moisture and enhance texture, leaving hair soft and shiny.

Using a hair wand, position the narrow end of the wand downward and wrap a section of your hair around the barrel, leaving the ends pulled straight. This helps create the natural look of a wavy hairstyle. After leaving your hair wrapped around the wand for a few seconds, pull the end of the hair to stretch the wave as the hair cools. Set the look with a hairspray that provides a humidity resistant hold like TRESemmé TRES Two Ultra Fine Mist Non-Aerosol Hairspray. Perfect product for protecting your wave on a humid summer day.

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Add a subtle touched of tousled waves with the help of a salt spray. Photo credit: Dvora

Medium length tousled hair

On clean towel dried hair, bend forward to flip your hair over towards the front. Spray a sea salt spray like Suave Dry Texture Finishing Spray into your hair focusing on the ends. We love how this spray gives the hair body, texture, and hold. Pull your hair back and give an upward scrunch to the ends and allow the hair to dry. Try this technique out on your lob haircut for an understated summer beachy effect.

light brown messy tousled waves
Try a simple hack like using pin curls to get a gentle wave on your long hair this summer.

Long loose tousled hair

For a loose tousled hair effect, opt for pin curls. Part your hair in the direction you want it to fall. Dampen your hair, then spray a sea salt spray like TRESemmé Dry Texture Finishing Spray liberally all over the hair. This texturizing spray has a light-weight formula to give hair a sexy tousled texture for coveted beauty waves.

Take large sections of hair and wrap it around your finger creating a curl then pin it to your scalp. Blow-dry or sit under hooded dryer until the hair is dry. Last, but not least, remove the hairpins and tousle your hair any way you fancy. If you’re aiming for a tighter wave, opt for pin curling the hair into smaller sections. No matter which option you choose, seal the deal with a hair spray like Suave Professionals Flexible Control Hairspray to hold your shape in place all day long.


Which of these hair lengths do you have and how are you getting your wave in?

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