23 Easy and Casual Hairstyles for Women in 2019

Stay chill in these casual hairstyles.

We all want to rock cool hairstyles, but sometimes we just don’t have the time or energy to create them. The last thing you want to do on a lazy day is to create an elaborate, fussy look. Instead, try out one of these laid-back, casual hairstyles. These subtle everyday looks are basically the best of both worlds: They’re chic and stylish, yet easy enough to create when you’re headed out the door.

Don’t waste time creating major looks for a simple day, and try out one of these casual looks instead:

1. Side Part

casual hairstyles side part
Create a subtly stylish casual hairstyle with this side parted look.

Create a subtle sexy look with a side part. A simple side part like the one above can make any of your casual hairstyles pop out instantly. If your side parted hair is looking a little unruly, make sure you tame it with Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray.

2. Soft Curls

casual hairstyles soft curls
Soft and simple curls are always a great choice.

If you have some time to style, then grab your curling wand and create these soft curls.

3. Bed Head

casual hairstyles bed head
Create the “I woke up like this” look.

This sexy tousled look is always one of our styling favorites. Create this ultra-cool style by texturizing your strands with Bed Head by TIGI Stick.

4. Natural Afro

casual hairstyles natural afro
Rock your kinky curls.

Don’t hide your naturally kinky curls! Let them flow freely in this fun and quirky afro.

5. Loose Waves

casual hairstyles loose waves
We’re keeping our casual hairstyles wavy.

If you have naturally wavy hair, let your waves be the star of the show in your casual hairstyles. We know that naturally wavy hair can get frizzy, so smoothen your locks with Nexxus Humectress Encapsulate Serum.

6. Messy Bun

casual hairstyles messy bun
The messier, the better.

The messy bun is basically a style essential for any casual look. It’s truly a girl’s best friend for lazy Sunday mornings.

7. Curly Lob

casual hairstyles curly lob
Let your natural curls shine through in this lobbed style.

Get a look that’s short, sweet and to the point in this curly lob style.

8. Hat

casual hairstyles hat
A hat can do wonders to your style.

If it’s a really rough hair day, or if you don’t feel like hopping in the shower, a simple hat can immediately upgrade your casual hairstyles. Just spritz some Dove Refresh+Care Fresh & Floral Dry Shampoo in your locks to control grease, put on your favorite hat and you’re ready to take on the day.

9. Middle Part

casual hairstyles middle part
A simple style for the simple life.

Into the simple things in life? Then try out a straightforward middle part.

10. Classic Ponytail

casual hairstyles classic ponytail
Let loose in this ponytail.

If there’s one casual hairstyle we can always depend on, it ‘s the classic ponytail. Every girl can rock a cute ponytail effortlessly!

11. Boho Braid

casual hairstyles boho braid
Let your inner free spirit out in this boho braid.

Create some wanderlust vibes with this stylish boho braid.

12. Beach Waves

casual hairstyles beach waves
Look summertime fine all year long in this hairstyle.

Craving some sun? Then cure your longing for summer with these beach waves. Give your waves the ultimate beach texture with Bed Head by TIGI Queen Beach Salt Infused Texture Spray.

13. Boxer Braids

casual hairstyles boxer braids
Create the ultimate athleisure look with these boxer braids.

Going for the laid-back athleisure style? Then try out these chic and posh boxer braids.

14. Twist Back

casual hairstyles twisted back curls
Twist your curls back away from your face.

Grab two pieces that frame your face, twist them back and secure them with two bobby pins crossed into an X-shape.

15. Sleek Center Part

casual hairstyles sleek center part
Spend just a few minutes with your flat iron.

Split your hair into a sleek center part and use your flat iron to straighten the ends of your hair and the roots. Lift up small sections along your hairline and straighten each one as close to your roots as possible for a truly sleek look.

16. Brushed Out

casual hairstyles natural curls
Brush your curls out.

Use a quick routine as an excuse to wear your natural curls in a super voluminous style. Take a few minutes to brush your curls out to create a quick and easy mega voluminous style.

17. Low Messy Bun

casual hairstyles messy low bun
Throw your hair up into a low messy bun.

Throw your hair up into a low messy bun and leave a few pieces out in the front to frame your face.

18. Casual Chic

casual hairstyles messy curly bun
Throw your curls up.

It doesn’t get easier than a casual messy bun. Gather your curls up into a messy bun on top of your head and use a hair tie to secure the style.

19. Loose Curls

casual hairstyles loose red curls
You can create these easy curls in under five minutes.

As soon as you master the art of five-minute curls, your mornings will get a whole lot easier. Instead of dividing your hair into small sections, wrap bigger sections of hair around your curling iron and hold them in place for 15 seconds longer. Once they’ve cooled, run your fingers through your curls to create this loose and laid-back look.

20. Twisted Bun

casual hairstyles high brunette bun
Twist your hair up into a chic bun.

Gather your hair into a high ponytail and wrap the tail around the base of the style. Once you’ve created a neat twisted bun, pin the look in place.

21. Curled Bob

casual hairstyles curled bob
Short hair is known to be easy to curl.

The great thing about short haircuts is that you can create almost any style in just a few minutes. You can curl your entire head of hair in under 10 minutes.

22. Easy Low Ponytail

casual hairstyles low ponytail
Use this easy hack to make your low ponytail chic.

Pull a few pieces out of your ponytail for an easy upgrade to a super chic style.

23. Air-Dried

casual hairstyles air dried red hair
Air dry for the ultimate easy hairstyle.

For the easiest style of all time, you can simply air-dry your strands. Wash your hair and go and use that extra time you saved for some early morning self-care. Face masks, anyone?