an easy and gorgeous undone bun on brown hair

Create the Undone Bun for the Perfect Lounging Style

The undone look that's perfectly put together.

Just because you’re spending more time at home doesn’t mean you can’t still style your hair and switch things up to keep your days interesting. We understand that a complicated style might be asking too much, but the undone bun is so easy to create and looks effortlessly cool. Of course, the classic bun and ponytail will always be there when you’re not feeling the creativity, but we think it’s time to kick-things up (ever so slightly) with the latest hairstyle for long-haired girls with the undone bun. Just as its name states, this undone look is a take on the messy bun, except with some strands of hair that slightly hang out of your twisted bun. Perfect for the busy girl who wants some options for her long hair.

Read on to learn about how you can master this perfectly undone bun in minutes:

Chill at Home with an Undone Bun


Start Off with Clean Hair

Start off with clean and conditioned hair. Try a nourishing and moisturizing system for your long hair like Suave Lavender + Almond Oil Frizz Calming Shampoo and Conditioner. These formulas work to make your hair really soft and shiny. Bonus: it has an awesome fragrance!  Next up, is getting your hair dry. Before you blow-dry your hair, apply a heat protectant like Suave Professionals Keratin Heat Defense Leave-in Conditioner whose formula can help protect your locks during the heat styling process.

start with clean hair to create your perfectly undone bun

Hold Your Hair Up

Brush your hair with a boar bristle brush to detangle your hair as you make it smooth and ready for styling. When finished, gather your hair with both hands into a very high ponytail.

brush your hair up into a ponytail as the base of your undone bun

Twist Your Hair

Use both hands to gently twist the hair that’s contained in your ponytail. Your dominant hand will work to twist your hair upwards and then down where your non-dominant hand completes the twisted motion. Repeat this process until you get to the tip of your hair.

twist your ponytail and create the structure of your undone bun

Wrap Hair Around

After you twist your locks, wrap it around the base of your hair where your bun is situated. Use both hands to create this look as you focus on a high and tight bun. For the undone part, leave at least two inches of your ends out of your bun. Hold it together by placing some bobby pins on the part of your hair that isn’t in the bun.

a woman undoing heir ponytail wrap bun of her hair wearing blue shirt


Use some serum like the Dove Absoute Quench Supreme Creme Serum to smooth out any frizz that may have acclimated along your crown.

you've created a chic and simple undone bun

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