20 Easy and Cute Natural Hairstyles for Beginners

Great for newbies and seasoned naturalistas alike.

While beauty tutorials can be a super helpful resource in finding your next signature natural hairstyle, some videos or step-by-step guides can indeed be a bit too complicated for beginners to master on their own. If you are tired of hair guides that are tricky or downright confusing to understand, here are some easy natural hairstyle looks for beginners that won’t leave you in the dark.

20 Easy Natural Hairstyles

Read on below for gorgeous looks that won’t leave your hair battered or full of breakage. We can’t get enough of these easy hairstyles for natural hair to do yourself!

1. Heatless Curl Set

easy natural hairstyles: flexi rods
Flexi-rods help achieve naturally gorgeous curls.

Flexi-rods are a great way to achieve a gorgeous natural curl, and they are usually pretty inexpensive and available at your local beauty supply store. To use your rods properly, you’ll want to ensure your hair is clean and conditioned first.

Then, while your hair is still damp, you’ll want to use a good leave-in conditioner to help add some extra moisture to your look. Use a product like SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Leave-In Treatment, and use a gentle detangling comb to distribute your product evenly through the hair.

To use your flexi-rods, roll the ends of each section towards the root, twisting your rods to hold your curls into place. Use your rods all over your head, starting from the back and working your way to the front. Once your hair is completely dry, remove your rods with caution.

2. Natural Hair High Bun

Natural Hair Bun
A top knot makes a great style when you are running short on time. Photo credit: Dvora

A top knot makes a great style when you are running short on time, as it takes under 10 minutes to create this chic look. To create your bun without hangups, starting with washed and conditioned hair is always best.

Use Suave Professionals Sulfate-Free Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner to cleanse and remove any knots from the hair. Then, once your hair is dry, use a comb to create a ponytail at the top of your head carefully. You’ll want to use a donut bun maker to create your top knot to get that flawless bun. Gently slip the bun maker over your ponytail, then wrap and tuck your bun into place with bobby pins. Secure your look with hairspray for a long hold.

3. Space Buns

easy natural hairstyles: space buns
Double buns make a chic and trendy look for shorter lengths. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

Double buns make a chic and trendy look for shorter lengths; the even better news is that they aren’t too difficult to create.

Start this look by applying a good leave-in-style product like Dove Amplified Textures Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner evenly throughout the hair. Then, use a comb to part your hair in the center, and use elastics to create pigtails on either side of the head. To create your space buns, carefully wrap and tuck your hair into two buns using bobby pins.

4. Fauxhawk

easy natural hairstyles: frohawk
A faux hawk is a great natural look that doesn’t skip out on edge. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

A fauxhawk is one of those great easy natural hairstyle ideas that doesn’t skip out on edge. And while this look seems complicated, it really isn’t that hard to create. To create your style, start by applying some styling gel on either side of the head. Then, to create that mohawk-like appearance, carefully brush the sides of the head and pin them into place with bobby pins. If you want to take your look a step further, use some vintage barrettes to help dress up your style.

5. Head Scarf

easy natural hairstyles: pineapple
Use a headscarf to dress up your curls!

Gorgeous printed hair scarves always make an easy and stylish look, as they dress up classic braids, twist outs, and pineapple updos without any breakage or damage. Accessorizing is a great option for every hair type and texture, and it’s also an ideal way to keep your hair out of your face. 

6. Double Twist

easy natural hairstyles double twist
A few twists in your hair, and you’ve got a new look!

If you’re late to start your day but still want a style that’s on point, go for the double twist style. Simply create two twists and clip them into a half-updo style. We love this style. Picking down the twists a little tighter and sleeker creates the illusion that the rest of your hair has some extra volume.

7. Twist Boxer Braids

easy natural hairstyles twist boxer braids
Give your boxer braids a fun twist.

Continuing with the ever-popular twist style–why not gather some twists into a chic boxer braids look? Nail two trends at once with this hybrid style that will flatter. This look works on a lob and any length longer than that.

8. Head-Wrap

easy natural hairstyles head-wrap
A simple yet effective protective style. Photo credit: Shaquille Dunbar

On days you’re giving your hair a break from all types of styling and maybe want to let it rest or soak in some leave-in conditioner, go for a head wrap. It’s one of our favorite protective styles.

9. Crown Braid

easy natural hairstyles crown braid
If you’re a braid gal, then this one’s for you. Photo credit: Shaquille Dunbar

A crown braid is a perfect fit for girls into the larger braid styles. You’ll look like a queen with this braid. We love this look for the warmer months as it keeps your hair off your neck and leaves you feeling breezy — even in the highest temps.

10. Healthy Curls

easy natural hairstyles healthy curls
Keep your curls healthy and happy. Photo credit: Craig Alexander

When all else fails, just keep your curls healthy and in good shape. Maintain those luscious curls by adding some of The Good Stuff Hydration Butter to your hair before heading out the door.

11. Half Braided Hair

natural hairstyles long half braided
Combine sleek braids and voluminous curls. Photo credit: Unsplash.com

Try more simple and beautiful black natural hairstyles for women, like this half-braided look. Braid your hair from forehead to ears, secure it, and let your voluminous curls flow down.

12. Pineapple Hair

natural hairstyles pineapple
It’s one of the cute natural hairstyles you should try. Photo credit: Unsplash.com

To create stylish pineapple hair, you need to gather your tresses into a high ponytail. It should be that high so curls will fall to your forehead. But make sure your pony is loose and won’t create too much tension.

13. Pixie Natural Hairstyle

natural hairstyles pixie
Curly, voluminous way to wear a pixie haircut. Photo credit: Unsplash.com

Among short natural hairstyles for black women, pixie cuts definitely deserve your attention. You can style it with soft finger waves and tousled curls or create a voluminous look. We love a style that offers plenty of height.

14. Low Sleek Bun

natural hairstyles low ponytail
Try this bun with a middle parting, or comb your hair up. Photo credit: Unsplash.com

Such black women’s natural hairstyles, such as a sleek bun, are perfect to fit the trendy ‘clean girl‘ aesthetic trend. All you need is to comb your hair back, add a hair wax or gel, then create a tight low bun at the back of your head.

15. High Puff

natural hairstyles high puff
A fluffy high puff. Photo credit: Unsplash.com

If you need more quick natural hairstyle tutorials, we have them here. This high puff can be easily created on short to medium hair lengths. Just comb your hair up and secure it. Perfect for dressing up or dressing down!

16. Headband Hairstyle

natural hairstyles headband
Add a trendy headband to change your look. Photo credit: Pexels.com

Both long and short natural hairstyles will benefit if you add a trendy headband. You can pick a colorful or plain sporty one, choose a wide or narrow accessory, wear it higher or lower on your forehead, loosen a few strands or bangs, as well as keep your hairstyle sleek.

17. Side Part Hairstyle

natural hairstyles side part
Why not wear your natural hair side part sometimes? Photo credit: Unsplash.com

To experiment with your daily looks, just create a deep side part on your natural hair. You won’t regret getting an elegant and super-voluminous hairstyle that makes your locks look even thicker.

18. High Ponytail

natural hairstyles long ponytail
A glamorous high ponytail on natural hair. Photo credit: Unsplash.com

Long natural hair looks gorgeous in a high voluminous ponytail. For contrast, you can comb and sleek the top of your head with hair wax or gel and tame frizzy baby hair.

19. Bantu Knots

natural hairstyles bantu knots
Playful Bantu knots. Photo credit: Unsplash.com

Bantu knots are a traditional and beautiful hairstyle for natural hair, which is created by sectioning, twisting, and wrapping around your hair strands. Once it’s done, you can fix them with bobby pins.

20. Loose Braid or Twist

natural hairstyles braid
A voluminous loose braid for curly hair. Photo credit: Unsplash.com

For long natural curls, we suggest you try a classic three-strand braid or a hair twist. Keep it loose and voluminous so that this protective hairstyle will showcase your natural hair texture.

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