Marley Twists: 10 Swoon-Worthy Protective Style Ideas

A protective style favorite. 

When you think of hairstyles with longevity, braids instantly come to mind. Due to the fact that box braids, single braids and cornrows are so popular, many people don’t think of Marley twists. But those classic styles aren’t the only options to go for when it comes to protective or long-term styling. Because you can also opt for twists like Marley twists: Just like box braids, you can keep this look for a long period of time, and there are plenty of stylish and easy ways to update the look on a daily basis.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our top favorite Marley twist styles of the moment. Scroll through to find your new look:

10 Marley Twists to Try for a New Look

1. Long Black Twists

marley twist styles: long hair
Long twists.

First of all, consider trying this extra long Marley twists style if you’re going for a standout look. We love the look of a super long style and really love it when it’s paired with braids.

2. Blonde

marley twists style: blonde hair
Brighten up your hair with blonde.

Are you looking for a style that really pops? Try this blonde Marley twist style. All you have to do is buy hair pre-packed with the shade of blonde that works for you.

3. Light Brown

Marley twists styles: warm brown twists
Warm brown.

Want a hair color that complements your skin tone? You can’t go wrong with a warm shade of brown on your Marley twist style.

4. Cornrows

marley twist styles: cornrows
Two styles in one.

Want cornrows and Marley twists at the same time? You can have the best of both with this look. If you’re planning to keep this look for a long time, maintaining your hairline area is key. Use a gel like Emerge Style Goals Gel to lay your edges down and tame your frizz.

5. Add Beads

marley twists beads
Add some beads to spruce up your style.

There are many chic ways to style Marley twists, if you want a easy way to step up your style, you can just add some beads to your look.

6. Micro Marley Twists

marley twist styles: micro twists
Skinny twists.

Looking for something short and sweet? Try your hand at micro Marley twist styles and frame your face with a chin-length cut.

7. Side Swept

Marley Twist Styles: Side Swept
Swing your hair over.

Are you looking for more reasons to love Marley twist styles? There are plenty of reasons we love this style and just know you’ll love it, too. When you want to go for a laid-back look, swing your hair over to the side to create this effortless style. Add a touch of shine for even more glam with TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum.

8. Classic

marley twists style: classic
The classic style.

Not into the idea of changing your hair color or extravagant styling? Maybe keeping it simple with the classic Marley twist style will work for you. Keep this classic look fresh in between washes with some Suave Hair Refresher Dry Shampoo.

9. Accent Twist

marley twist styles: accent twist
Accent twist style.

Spruce up your look a little with a fun accent – almost any style gets a major upgrade with a single twist with a pop of color!

10. Marley Twist Bun

marley twists: bun

Lastly, you can throw your twists up into an elegant bun for fancy occasions. Lock in the style and keep it in place with hairpins.


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