Types of Braids for Black Hair: 10 Stylish and Cultural Looks to Know

Alyssa François | 29 March 2019

Do it for the culture.

We’re admiring the way women of color are speaking up more and more about black braid styles. While braids are a type of hairstyle anyone can join in on, there are some braids that have a more cultural meaning behind them. Many celebrities of all ethnicities are wearing different types of braids for black hair not knowing what they are called or the reference or context behind each one. No one expects anyone to know everything about braids, but these conversations are shedding some light on the types of braids for black hair that have a powerful representation.

Amongst the many types of braids for black hair that exist, here are some of our favorite looks:

1. Feed-In Braids

types of braids for black hair: feed in braids
The contrasting braid sizes makes this look.

The feed-in braid style originated in Africa. Take this look to the workplace and beyond. With this braided hairstyle, there are skinny cornrow braids in between.

2. French Braids

types of braids for black hair: French braids
The basic braided style.

Everyone knows about the French braid hairstyle. Try the look with two braids as shown above, or have all of your hair gathered into one single French braid.

3. Fulani Braids

types of braids for black hair: fulani braids
Tribal braids.

These braids derived from the Fulani tribe in Africa and the look is currently stirring up a lot of conversation on social media, as many celebrities are trying this look and don’t know the true meaning behind the braids. Nevertheless, this look is one of our current favorite types of braids for black hair.

4. Ghana Braids

types of braids for black hair: Ghana braids
So much culture in this look.

Ghana braids hold a religious meaning in Africa. There are so many ways to style this thick braided style: You can opt for Ghana braids braided down to your nape, or create an updo like the style above. To keep the braids neat, sleep with a silk scarf and touch up your edges with a firm hold gel like Nexxus Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel.


5. Jumbo Braids

types of braids for black hair:
A current celeb favorite.

Everywhere you turn, women and celebrities are black hair braiding styles like these jumbo braids.  These braids are also referred to as dookie braids. When it comes to styling, in our opinion, the more lived-in the braids look, the better.

6. Micro Box Braids

types of braids for black hair: micro box braids
Teeny tiny box braids.

This tiny version of the standard box braid style is great if you’re looking for a braided hairstyle that you won’t mind wearing for a very long time. The time it takes to install these braids can be pretty long depending on how fast your stylist can braid. If you want to add a shiny finish to your braid, apply a few drops of TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum onto hands and rub it over your braids.


7. Braided Ponytail

types of braids for black hair: braided ponytail
Just another way to style your pony.

Want a simple way to update your ponytail? Add a French braid to the ends of your hair and secure it with a hair elastic.

8. Tree Braids

types of braids for black hair: tree braids
The versatile braid style.

There are so many reasons to love tree braids. Opt for these types of braids for black hair if you want the illusion of a straight weave hairstyle. With this look, you have the flexibility to style your hair in multiple ways. Keep it straight or add curls with a curling iron.

9. Yarn Braids

types of braids for black hair: yarn braids
Look at that texture!

The yarn braid style is all about the texture. To get the look, use really thick textured braiding hair. Before braiding, be sure to prep your hair with a good deep conditioner, like Nexxus Humectress Moisture Restoring Masqueas the braiding hair can dry out your natural hair underneath.


10. Braided Bantu Knots

types of braids for black women: Bantu knots
We love this Bantu style.

Bantu knots can be styled a number of ways. You don’t have to braid your hair to create the look but we can’t help but be obsessed with this braid and twist style.