Why Short Messy Hairstyles Are Singlehandedly Taking Over the Styling Scene

Short messy hairstyles are ruling the styling scene.

There’s a reason why short messy hairstyles are taking over the styling scene this season, and it isn’t just because every celebrity and her mother is opting for this look (Though that does help.). Short messy hairstyles are the ideal ‘it girl’ looks that don’t require too much upkeep. High maintenance styles are a thing of the past, and today’s looks are all about using efficient and tested techniques to develop a curated style that is effortless.

The short messy hairstyles in this collection are prime examples of ways to wear your hair that advance your personal style without distracting from the rest of your look. Short messy hair, no matter how you wear it, is one of the trendiest and easiest styles to maintain. Read on for some messy short hair inspiration we know you’ll love:

1. Tousled Messy Updo

short messy hairstyles white blonde loose curls updo
Pin your curls up into a tousled and messy updo for a chic variation on your favorite messy short hairstyles.

Create the perfect messy and tousled texture by wrapping your strands around a 1-inch curling wand in alternating directions. For this style, skip the hairspray and pin your curls up into a tousled messy updo. Leave a few strands hanging down around your face for a look that’s guaranteed to be flattering.

2. A Voluminous Lob

short messy hairstyles volume brunette lob
Give your roots some extra volume.

Take a basic lob to the next level by spritzing your roots with Bed Head by TIGI Sugar Dust Root Powder. This powder is an almost-instant way to give your hair lift and added texture. Simply sprinkle the product on to your roots and wear your voluminous and textured lob with confidence. It’s one of our fave short messy hairstyles!

3. All Over Texture

short messy hairstyles textured straight bob
Opt for all over texture.

Pull out all the stops with your textured style by opting for all over texture and movement. This piecey bob is edgy and bold, and the texture pairs perfectly with a bright bleached blonde color.

4. A Casual Blowout

short messy hairstyles long bangs volumized blowout brunette
Wear your blowout a little bit messy.

Instead of your usual pristine at-home blowout or your weekly salon appointment, try this messy and casual blowout. Prep your hair with TRESemmé Get Sleek Blow Dry Balm and rough dry your hair. Leave the paddle brush under your bathroom counter and use your fingers to brush through your strands as you dry them. The results will be this easy textured blowout style that is full of body and movement.

5. Light Purple Pixie

short messy hairstyles light purple pixie
Give your style an extra edge.

Even the shortest styles can be worn with some messy texture. We love this edgy pixie paired with a pop of light purple color. Let your locks air-dry to make the most of your natural texture.

6. Layers on Layers

messy ponytail of a blonde woman smiling in a room
Wear your choppy layers up in a messy ponytail.

The key to creating a ponytail that’s more messy and chic than it is prim and proper is all in the layers. A layered haircut makes it easy to create slight volume and dimension in your look. Simply air dry your strands and gather your layers up into a messy ponytail. A trendy set of choppy bangs are the perfect finishing touch.

7. Layered Lob

short messy hairstyles green blue layered lob
Let your layers do the talking.

This look shows yet another way to wear a layered haircut for a short messy hairstyle. This air-dried, layered lob is the epitome of all kinds of chic texture and we love how this cut and style pairs with a fresh shade of mint green color.

8. Curly Updo

short messy hairstyles curly updo piece-y texture
It’s all about the piecey texture.

Pull your messy curls up into an easy curly updo. While there will inevitably be some days when you want to wear your strands down, we all want our hair up and out of the way once in a while. Call on this chic and piecey curly updo on those days.

9. Messy Curls

short messy hairstyles curly blonde lob
Give your natural texture a leg up.

Give your natural messy curls a little bit of definition by combing Dove Style+Care Curls Defining Mousse through your hair when it’s still damp from the shower. Let your curls air dry to achieve this easy and messy tousled perfection.

10. Mega Voluminous Curls

short messy hairstyles blonde curls
Tease your curls out.

Alternatively, you can style your curls with some major volume by skipping the hair product altogether and instead choosing to tease your curls out. Use a teasing comb on dry hair to brush through your curls and give them some all-over volume will give you one of the best short messy hairstyles.