Style With an Edge: 13 Short Pixie Cuts For Your Inner Rebel

Go short, sweet and to the point with these short pixie haircuts.

Are you in need of a fresh, vibrant new look to express your unique side? Well then look no further, because we have the perfect style for you: short pixie cuts. These bold and beautiful hairstyles are perfect for rockin’ out at any occasion, and can be surprisingly styled to look prim and proper when you’re headed to the office. These short pixie hairstyles are not for the weak at heart, so try these only if your a true badass fashionista. Take a look at some of our top short pixie looks to inspire your next brave style:

short pixie cuts blown out
Create out a blow out with your short pixie cut.

1. Blown Out

Let your short pixie haircut reach new levels of cool with a blow out. To give your blown out pixie extra body and fullness, use Catwalk by TIGI Blow Out Balm when styling.

short pixie cuts curly
Give your pixie some volume with curls.

2. Curly

Whether you have naturally tight ringlets or you’re grabbing the curling iron, adding curls to your pixie cut is always a good choice.

short pixie cuts overgrown
When in doubt, grow it out!

3. Overgrown

We get it: Super short pixie cuts can be pretty intimidating. Test out the waters with this overgrown pixie style. Give your overgrown pixie a tousled look like the one above by adding some texture with Bed Head by TIGI Stick.

short pixie cuts slicked
A slicked matted look is a fun twist on this classic short cut.

4. Slicked

This chic style is giving us major 1970s supermodel vibes, and we’re living for it! Create this look by slicking down your pixie cut with TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Firm Control Gel when styling.

short pixie cuts buzzed
This super short pixie cut is always a fun and quirky spin.

5. Buzzed

Go bold and brave with this super short cut.

short pixie cuts muted pink
This muted pink color is the perfect shade to match your rebel cut.

6. Muted Pink

This ash-pink color paired with short pixie cuts is a match made in hair heaven.

short pixie cuts asymmetrical overgrown
Create an avant-garde look with this cool pixie cut.

7. Asymmetrical Overgrown

Create an original and unique style that’s totally runway-ready with this next level pixie cut.

short pixie cuts frosted tips
Dye your tips a fun color to give your short pixie some attitude.

8. Frosted Tips

Dye your tips a vibrant, lighter shade to create an ombré color gradient on your fresh pixie cut.

short pixie cuts platinum
This icy blonde color is the coolest shade for short pixie cuts.

9. Platinum

This icy blonde shade is the perfect hue to match your cool new cut. We know that bleaching your hair can end up drying out your locks, so give your strands a replenishing dose of hydration with Suave Professionals Honey Infusion 10-in-1 Leave-In Conditioner.

short pixie cuts retro
A vintage look with a modern spin.

10. Retro

This timeless style is always a great choice for any elegant event or sophisticated occasion.

short pixie cuts wavy
Let your natural waves shine through.

11. Natural Waves

Give your hair a break from the heated tools and rock your natural waves.

short pixie cuts side shave
This bold look is the ultimate pixie style.

12. Shaved Sides

Let your true badass attitude out by shaving your sides and creating this mohawk-pixie combo.

short pixie cuts spiked
It’s time to bring this old-school look back.

13. Spiked

This punk style is making a major comeback, and we’re ready to rock it.