6 Cute Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

Chop your mane of thick hair for these head-turning looks.

These days all of us lust after a mane full of thick hair (ok, maybe just most of us). We get it, it’s not your fault you have a thick head of hair, no need for us to envy, but consider yourself blessed when it’s time to get a short haircut. Full and dense — two characteristics your hair type has — and that’s like the perfect recipe for a great short hairstyle, no? Yes! When it comes to short haircuts for thick hair your hair texture works to your advantage as the lustrous body provided by thick hair gives your new haircut a voluminous finish.

Short Haircuts for Thick Hair

short haircuts for thick hair with waves
Stylish bob with subtle layers. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

1. Layered bob on thick hair

On thick hair blunt bob is not the forte for your texture as the blunt straight across cut can look quite intense. Opt for a layered bob. Ask your stylist to create even layers within your bob giving the crown area a slightly shorter length to give the overall haircut lots of body and movement. Alternatively you can add subtle layers within your bob for a slight movement. Try out a bob with a longer front area to create a stylish angled look.

pixie cut black hair
Looking for a statement cut? Try a mushroom haircut with thick micro bangs. Photo credit: Indigital

2. Mushroom cut

Full and thick micro bangs brings out the luxury of this hairstyle. Thankfully you’re already in the thick hair department, now all you need is a front fringe and a bowl cut to match. Try out this round bang and round back haircut, and create a nice smooth bump to the ends of your fringe to add body. To style, simply tousle with your fingers after curling the ends of your hair. If you’re down for an edgier style, ask your stylist to use a razor comb to finish the hairstyle off with tapered bangs.

short afro hair
Teeny weeny afro on natural hair, super low maintenance and sexy. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

3. Teeny afro

Seeking inspiration for the big chop? Look no further. The teeny weeny afro is a low-maintenance and chic style. To maintain the length get weekly or bi-weekly trims. If you want to grow it out a bit ask your stylist for a tapered cut to give your hairstyle a nice shape.

short layered haircuts stacked bob
Wavy and tousled short bob haircut.

4. Wavy haircut on thick hair

With thick hair that falls on the wavy end of the spectrum, try this wavy short haircut. Thick strands allow you to go wild and play with your texture. Whether your hair is cut shoulder or chin length, accentuate your curl pattern by twirling sections of hair while wet with a styling lotion and let it air dry or diffuse. Using this technique on thick hair gives the hairstyle more texture and body.

bob haircut blonde hair
Round bob haircut on bleached hair.

5. Rounded bob on thick hair

The focal point of the haircut is the horizontal graduation at the back. On thick hair this stacking effect gives a nice dimension to your hair but don’t go too crazy. Ask your stylist to keep the layers subtle around the crown area to steer away from a harsh and angular shape. The rounded bob haircut comes with a small price: Avoid the awkward growing out phase by keeping it neat with a slight dusting of the ends at the nape weekly or biweekly to maintain the shape.

tight pixie haircut
Super short pixie crop with side swept bangs, one of the most chic short haircuts for thick hair. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

6. Tight pixie haircut for thick hair 

This roundup of short haircuts for thick hair wouldn’t be complete without the trendy pixie haircut. But the question is, to fringe, or not to fringe? That’s totally up to you! With a fringe, you have the option of styling your pixie to one side which rounds out the look and showcases your face structure. Or you can go fringe-less, have your front cut shorter and style it upward for a wispy and sexy finish. Your thick texture gives the haircut a voluminous and full finish.

Which of these hairstyles for thick hair are you loving?

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