Getting the Perfect Layered Hair for Your Face Shape

To layer, but how to layer? That is the question.

Knowing some tricks of the hair cutting trade is key, especially when it comes to getting layered hair. One reason for this is making sure you’re getting a haircut that complements your face shape. It’s true, the wrong set of layers for your said face shape can throw things off a little (oh, the joys of having a heart-shaped face), or remove your perfect balance altogether (we’re talking to you oval-shaped ladies!). Layers can also add body and bounce to limp hair, soften up your square jawline, or lengthen your round face.

Layered Hair for Your Face Shape 

Guess what? You get a layer, you get a layer, we all get layers! Here’s how to get layered hair according to your face shape:

1. Layered Hair Styles for Square Face Shapes

layered hair for square faces
Textured and wavy layers are one of the perfect recipes to soften a square face shape. Photo credit:

Diminish the boxy illusion of your face with layers that range from short to medium in length. You can have both lengths within your haircut or choose one. This set of layers (one or both) will soften up the angles or hard lines of your face shape. Try a feminine hairstyle, cut with off-center with bangs and some groovy wavy layers.

2. Layered Hair for Round Face Shapes

layered hair by face shape
Have long hair and a round face? Employ subtle layers towards the front of your face to add length to your full face. Photo credit:

As this face shape is on the fuller end of the spectrum, layering is a great hack for elongating your facial features—once it’s done the right way. Any set of layers that will result in having your face look slimmer as opposed to chubby works for this face shape. To get the elongated look, go for layered hair that has a little bit of height at the top section of your hair.

To keep your strands full and bouncy, use Suave Up The Volume Shampoo and Suave Volume Conditioner.

3. Layered Hair for Heart Face Shapes

layered hair by face shape
Not only are these long layers sexy, but they also add dimension to a heart-shaped face. Photo credit:

Use layers to balance out the sweet frame of your face. Get layers that are long which will help slim down the width of your face, especially in the cheek area. If your cheekbones are your most favorite feature, accentuate them. Try out a cut with wispy bangs, the textured look of the bangs adds a flattering touch to your face shape. For layers, stick to layers that frame your face from cheek downwards in order to add some width and dimension to match, as well as blend in nicely with the silhouette of your forehead area.

4. Layered Hair for Inverted Triangle Face Shapes

layered hair with bangs
Sleek curtain bangs and face-framing layers help disguise a wide forehead. Photo credit:

Similar to the heart face, your forehead area is the wider section of your face, however, your chin is sometimes pointier and sharper. Opt for long layers and curtain bangs to soften up hard lines from your cheeks downwards. Curtain bangs support your face shape by allowing it to appear broader wherever you lack width.

5. Layered Hair for Triangle Face Shapes

layered hair triangle face shape
Try an off-center part on your front fringe. Photo credit:

With a triangle face shape, your forehead area is slim and narrow, you want to add some width to balance out your entire frame. One option is to hide it with a fringe. However if you don’t want to go for bangs, and would like a short haircut, ask your stylist for long layers. The long layers within a short cut will help add balance to your narrow forehead whiles taking the attention away from your jaw area which can appear to be bottom-heavy if worn with short layers or haircuts that frame the chin.

Add variation to your layers by using a texture spray, like TRESemmé Dry Texture Finishing Spray. This product is perfect for adding more movement, bounce, and waviness to your strands.

6. Layered Hair for Oval Face Shapes

layered hair on an oval face
Oval face? Try what you like! Long subtle layered hair on a lob is having its moment. Photo credit:

Although your oval face shape is ideal for any hairstyle, there are some instances in which layers can stretch your face shape in length (and, you don’t want that!). Opt for long layers as opposed to short to keep your face shape well balanced all around. If avoiding stretching out your face shape isn’t a problem for you, ask for layers that highlight your best features.

7. Layered Hair for Heart Face Shapes

layered hair heart shape
We can’t get enough of these subtle layers.

These subtle layers are barely there but they are noticeable to have an impact! They accentuate a heart-shaped face perfectly.

8. Layered Hair for Round Face Shapes

layered hair round
Have long hair and a round face? Employ subtle layers towards the front of your face to add length to your full face.

Long layers paired with smaller more subtle layers just around the face are the perfect complement to a rounder face. Pair your look with a bright shade of blonde hair color to really make an impact.

9. Layered Hair for Oval Face Shapes

layered hair oval
Oval face? Try these long layers.

Throw it back to the 90s and opt for these long face-framing layers. This look is particularly great on sleek straight hair!

10. Layered Hair for Rectangle Face Shapes

layered hair rectangle
You can’t go wrong with layers for curly hair.

You can’t go wrong with layers for curly hair! Flatter and soften a rectangle face shape with rounded layers.

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