The Best Haircut for Thick Hair Has These Key Qualities

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While being blessed with thick hair is exactly that…a blessing, it can also be challenging to find the best haircut for thick hair. The best haircut for thick hair and best hairstyles for thick hair will help you show off your thick locks without letting them weigh you down. Everyone with thick hair knows that as beautiful as they can be, thicker strands can be overwhelming at times. Take a look at this gallery that highlights the best haircut for thick hair and pay attention to the key qualities each of them has:

15 of the Best Haircuts for Thick Hair

best haircut for thick hair thinned out
Thin out the bottom to make your strands more manageable.

1. Thinned Out

One easy way to make thick hair more manageable is to opt for a layered haircut that involves thinning out the bottoms of your strands. Your stylist will use thinning shears to thin out your hair and make it a whole lot more manageable.

best haircut for thick hair subtle layers messy texture
Use subtle layers to create messy texture.

2. Messy Texture

Soft and subtle layers on the lower sections of your hair will make your overall head of hair more manageable. By incorporating layers into your strands you’ll encourage even more messy texture. This style is a win-win because it helps make your thick hair more manageable while also allowing you to get in on the messy hair trend.

best haircut for thick hair styled pixie
Sometimes cutting your strands short is the best answer.

3. Styled Pixie

At one point or another, everyone with short hair has wanted to cut it all off and wear a short and edgy haircut. This is your chance! Cut your hair into a pixie and style it with Nexxus Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel to keep it sleek and styled.

best haircut for thick hair soft layers soft curls
Soften up your style.

4. Soft Layers, Soft Curls

Soften up your style by pairing soft layers with even softer curls.

best haircut for thick hair messy brunette lob
Texture is key.

5. Messy Lob

Wear your thick hair in a messy lob to show off your thick texture in a shorter and more manageable way.

best haircut for thick hair long subtle layers
Have your stylist go in on the layers with a light hand.

6. Subtle Layering

These barely-there subtle layers will make your strands easier to deal with without being too much of a drastic change.

best haircut for thick hair
Wear your thick hair long and straight.

7. Long & Straight

Straighten your long grown-out hair into a sleek straight style. Straightened hair is known to be easier to manage and you’ll be amazed by how much more manageable it all feels once it’s straight. Be sure to prep your hair with Catwalk by TIGI Haute Iron Spray before your use your flat iron.

best haircut for thick hair highlights
Draw even more attention to your thick layers.

8. Highlighted Layers

Draw attention to your thick and beautiful hair by adding some subtle caramel-colored highlights.

best haircut for thick hair front layers
Layer just the front of your hair to lighten up your look.

9. Highlighted Layers

Add some layers just to the front of your style to lighten up the look without taking away from your luxuriously thick strands.

best haircut for thick hair grown out
Wear it long and loose.

10. Grown Out

Embrace the thickness of your strands (no matter how high maintenance they sometimes are) and grow your hair out until it’s super long.

best haircut for thick hair blunt long red
Wear your long hair with blunt edges.

11. Blunt & Long

Wear your hair long with blunt edges for a super unique look. Blunt ends highlight the thickness of your hair and are the perfect way to show off your locks.

best haircut for thick hair blunt length
Opt for volume all the way down.

12. Voluminous Length

Why keep the volume at the top of your style? Use a large barrel curling iron to create curls throughout your hair to achieve volume all the way down the length of your style.

best haircut for thick hair blunt curled bob
Show off your thick strands with a blunt bob.

13. Blunt Bob

Another short haircut option, this blunt bob will be thick and voluminous with minimal styling due to the thickness of your strands.

best haircut for thick hair blonde curly lob
Wear your curls in all their glory.

14. Naturally Curly

Show off your curls and enhance them even more by combing Dove Style + Care Curls Defining Mousse through your curls while they’re still damp.

best haircut for thick hair bangs
Take some of the weight away.

15. Bangs

Take some of the weight of thick strands away by adding bangs. By opting for bangs you’ll be dealing with less hair in the main section of your style. As all thick-haired girls know, this can be cause for a major sigh of relief.

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