One Look to Rule ‘Em All: 24 Renaissance Hairstyles That We’re Still Crazy Over

Who needs an actual crown, tho?

If you study the art of the time, renaissance hairstyles were categorized by intricate braids, jeweled hair accessories, and headgear. The French word renaissance” (literally, “rebirth”) stays true to its name with these classic looks that have stood the test of time and resurfaced time and time again, particularly these past few seasons. While some of the headgear for women of the time, like the gable headdress, would look out of place today, the jeweled caps, berets, and hair jewelry would look pretty amazing for date night, prom, wedding or any other big event on your calendar.

It’s easy to reinterpret renaissance hairstyles and create gorg, eye-catching on-trend hairstyles to wear now. Here’s a roundup of our fave renaissance hairstyles to get your Tudor on:

24 Renaissance Hairstyles that Are, Yes, Making a Comeback

1. Jeweled Space Buns

renaissance hairstyles jeweled space buns
Shine on. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

One of the hallmarks of renaissance hairstyles, especially during the latter part of the period, was for women to wear scattered jewels in their hair. Why not light up space buns with scattered gems, rhinestones, and other shiny things to bring this trend into today’s climate?

2. Mermaid Waves

renaissance hairstyles mermaid waves
Oh, so romantic.

Young, unmarried women of the time often wore their hair loose with jeweled combs in their hair. We think this look looks fab, regardless of age or marital status (!). Before placing the curling wand anywhere near your hair, spray on a shield that protects your hair against potential heat damage. Dove Style+Care Smooth & Shine Heat-Protection Spray is a lightweight leave-in conditioner that also acts as a barrier against heat damage.

3. Box Braid Updo

Regal. Photo Credit: Dvora

Heavy lies the head that wears a crown… unless they’ve got a box braid updo to keep it steady! This beautiful and intricate box braid updo can be worn with or without additional ornamentation. When your hair is in a protective hairstyle like box braids, Nexxus Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil, with its blend of six oils, including African Marula and Amazonian Babassou oils, gently nourishes hair, adds shine, and helps keep hair soft and manageable. Recreate this gorgeous look in a jiffy.

4. Renaissance Pixie Cut

Sometimes you only need one accessory.

Short hair can totally carry the renaissance hairstyle vibe! Simply add a jeweled headband and a little attitude, and you’ve got this! To balance the sparkle of a headband or tiara, you might want to add height to your hair. When hair is damp, add a small number of Suave Professionals Natural Volume Mousse to your hair and comb it through. Use a small round brush to add curls to the crown and blow dry hair on low. When hair is dry, rake fingers through curls to break them up.

5. Scattered Jeweled Flowers

Jeweled flowers never wilt. Photo credit:

The more diamonds a monarch wore in renaissance paintings, the more wealth they had. Women’s renaissance hairstyles, especially hairstyles for court, were all about the bling. Modernize that style with a low bun, bedecked with small jeweled barrettes or jeweled hairpins all around your crown.

6. Renaissance Bob

A half up that glitters.

Bobs and lobs can easily get into the renaissance hairstyle groove. Try a half updo by taking the front pieces of hair and bringing them to the back. Secure in place with a large jeweled barrette or comb.

7.  Mini Snake Braids

This only looks complicated

One of the most famous artists of the Renaissance, Sandro Botticelli, painted women with long hair that had braided and curled accents. Channel one of his most famous paintings with loose snake braids. Use our step-by-step snake braid how-to and rock this style on the street. If you have thin or fine hair or find that your hair slips out of braids easily, there’s a trick to make them stay and behave: Before braiding, spray on Nexxus Keraphix Dry Shampoo all over your hair and then comb through. The dry shampoo is great for refreshing hair in between shampoos. It’s weightless, contains keratin, and is safe for color-treated hair. The texture also helps prevent hair from slipping out of braids and makes strands feel thicker and retain more grip.

8. Pearl Accents and Box Braids

Feeling Queenly.

BraidsMany rulers draped themselves in pearls because they were so rare during that era. The more pearls you wore, the wealthier you and, in relation, your country were. And let’s not forget how beautiful they are as well, regardless of political standing! Top your box braid updo with a delicate pearl diadem, and proceed to rule your country. #yaskween.

9. Mermaid Braid

Who doesn’t want to be a mermaid!

Long curls and braids are a hallmark in Renaissance art. Become a work of art yourself, and create a mermaid braid. The key to this style is the appearance of full, thick hair. Start off with Catwalk by TIGI Your Highness Elevating Shampoo and Catwalk by TIGI Your Highness Elevating Conditioner, as these products help hair become less frizzy as well as smooth out strands while plumping them up with volume. Go extra princessy by scattering jeweled accents throughout the braid.

10. Braided Bun

renaissance hairstyles braided bun
Be a glamour queen.

Ready for the throne room? Create a braided bun that’s highlighted with an ornate jeweled barrette.

11. Hair Jewelry

renaissance hairstyles hair jewelry
A necklace becomes a tiara.

Looking for a (relatively) fast way to make a renaissance hairstyle? Create two small side braids, wave the rest of your hair and then top off the look with a necklace. Necklaces, especially ones that have a jeweled pendant, are a very modern way to wear a diadem.

12. Jeweled Headband

When you feel like a princess.

Adding a jeweled headband close to your part is a quick way to update your style into something regal.

13. Croissant Bun

renaissance hairstyles croissant bun
Anyway you slice it (pun-tastic), you can wear a croissant bun anywhere.

During the Renaissance, the nobility had ladies-in-waiting to help them get ready for important events: They could create the most elaborate hairstyles. Nowadays, we rely on our besties, which is so more fun! A look like a croissant bun doesn’t need a helping hand, though, and is a bun that wouldn’t look out of place in a Renaissance court—or at a festival, wedding or prom (use our tutorial to create the style at home). The type of hair accessory you use, whether it be flowers, beads or jewels, changes its personality from festival to red carpet.

14.  Side Braid Pixie

renaissance hairstyles side braid pixie
The tiniest detail can change a style. Photo credit:

Short hair can go renaissance with a few details like an itty-bitty braid along your hairline and an embellished hair comb.

15. Headband and Wisps

renaissance hairstyles headband
When you don’t have to prove you’re the queen. Photo credit:

When women in the renaissance period wore a headdress like a gabled headdress, their hair was generally parted in the middle and kept smooth with a few wisps escaping. To get that vibe, wear a simple leather or ribbon headband and pull a few strands to flutter near your face.

16. Waterfall Bun and Braids

Pretty, and pretty cool to do. Photo Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Every Renaissance princess needs an elaborate braid in their arsenal. Use our waterfall braid tutorial to create the braid, and then finish it up in a bun.

17. Waterfall Braids

renaissance hairstyles waterfall braid lilac
Elegant and hip at the same time, in 2018’s Color of the Year.

Another way to wear waterfall braids is to create one that simply goes from one side of your head (on an angle) to the other. This look highlights a fun, lighthearted color as well, particularly an ombre. Before styling, apply TRESemmé Make Waves Shaping Gel for bouncy curls and waves that stay.

18. Boho Half Braids

renaissance hairstyles boho braid
Half braids here and there.

Ever notice that some festival styles seem to be inspired by history? This boho half braid wouldn’t look out of place in any Renaissance court. Our tutorial is easy to follow.

19. Beret

Go for glam.

Berets during renaissance times were made often made of velvet and had elaborate trims like pearls and feathers, like first-generation fascinators. To mimic that classic vibe, look for a beret that has passementerie trim, or is accented with pearls, or is gleaming. Create a low bun, and then add the beret.

20. Double Headband

renaissance hairstyles double headband
Double the fun. Photo credit:

Two headbands, one more ornate than the other, is a great way to (literally) jazz up your hair. Hair that’s highlighted by two headbands should be smooth and shiny. S Factor by TIGI Silky Smooth Serum imparts shine while it controls flyaways and frizz.

21. Braided Pixie

renaissance hairstyles braided pixie
Yup, short hair can have fun with braids too.

Braids were big during renaissance times. Got a pixie or a bob? Use renaissance hairstyles for inspo, and add a small French braid to your style.

22. Split Crown Braid

Who needs a crown?

You don’t need a tiara to be a princess—and ye olden times, most didn’t wear them unless they had a huge event. Get inspired by those princesses’ daily Renaissance hairstyles and wear a split crown braid.

23. Metallic Headband

renaissance hairstyles metallic headband
Golden threads. Photo credit:

Take the idea of a classic Renaissance hairstyle—gleaming hair and a diadem—then make it modern and edgy with a cool, golden headband.

24. Waterfall Braids and Curls

Medium hair can switch to romantic Renaissance styles in seconds

Medium length hairstyles, lobs, shoulder-length shags and long choppy layers can easily transition into a Renaissance-inspired hairstyle with waterfall braids that are created over hair that’s been curled.

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