Tutorial: How to Create a Split Crown Braid

A cool new crown braid with a Bohemian twist.

Crown braids are literally everywhere at the moment. We’ve seen them on our favorite shows, the red carpet, formal ceremonies and summer festivals. Basically, it’s a style that can be worn just about anywhere! But, you may have grown tired of seeing the same crown style over and over again. We totally understand, so we’ve come across one of the newest ways to get in on the crown braid trend with the split crown braid. Pair this look with effortless looking waves and you’ve got a Bohemian-inspired hairstyle that you can rock all summer long. Read on to discover how to create this split crown braid in our super easy tutorial.

Creating a Bohemian Split Crown Braid Hairstyle


Apply some sea salt spray.

For a Bohemian-inspired feel ass some natural-looking waves to your hair with the help of a salt spray like TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Sea Salt Spray. Spritz the product into your hand then apply to your hair.




Comb product through.

After spritzing the salt spray into your hands, rake it through your hair.




Enhance waves with a hair wand.

To help with enhancing your waves, use a hair wand. Prep hair with a heat protectant to protect against damage like TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray. Curl your hair in one-inch sections all around your hair. Be sure to leave the ends out to create a natural-looking wave.









Brush through.

For an effortless and natural-looking finish, use a paddle brush as your gently brush through your waves. This will also help to make your hair soft and fluffy.





Natural waves.

You should have natural looking waves like this. Now proceed to the next steps.





Part hair.

Part your hair to create a middle section for your braid. Make your section big enough so that your braid is big enough to split into two later on.





Begin your braid.

Begin to create a chunky cornrow braid towards the front of your face.



Split braid.

Once your cornrow has reached to your hairline, split the braid into two equal sections. Pin one side away and continue braiding the other.




Braid the other side.

Once your first braid is complete, move onto to other side.





Pin braid.

Take one braid and pin underneath towards the back of your hair to hide it.





Pin the opposite side.

Do the same on the opposite side.





Final look.

There you have it! You now have a pretty and chic split crown braid. Finish your hairstyle with some hairspray to seal the deal, add shine, while also keeping frizz at bay. Try TIGI Bed Headrush Head Shine Hairspray.









Where are you going to wear your split crown braid? 

























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