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3 Best Thickening Shampoo for Thin, Flat Hair

There's nothing fine about flat hair.

It’s not all of us are blessed with naturally thick hair. Some of us have to either use extensions, try all the hair oils said to thicken hair (don’t even get us started on hair vitamins!) or opt for a thickening shampoo to get thicker-looking hair. It’s truly a process that can become stressful, and sometimes it’s hard to identify the products that will really give us what we expect.

A thickening shampoo can be easily confused with a volumizing shampoo as they both deliver similar effects. However, the two are not the same: The formulas and ingredients found in thickening shampoos are slightly different. Women with fine hair can benefit from either shampoo, but it’s definitely better to stick with a thickening shampoo, especially if you’re looking to have hair that appears fuller sans all of the extra volume that comes with a volumizing shampoo. On the flip side, if you’re after volume as well, there are some shampoos out there that can do both.

Lucky for you, we have one that we’re certain will work on fine hair types, which you’ll absolutely love. Why? It adds volume to hair, thickens your strands and best of all, doesn’t cost a fortune! Read on to learn about the thickening shampoo that’ll give your hair a complete boost all around, and trust us when we say no strand is left behind:

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Thickening shampoo that’ll give your hair a complete boost

First things first: The shampoo we’re about to introduce you to does state that it is a volumizing shampoo but, you should always, always read beyond the label. Turn the package around and read the fine print; you’ll never know what you’ll find! Nexxus New York Salon Care Diametress Volume Shampoo is specifically for women with fine and flat hair, but besides creating volume the formula also contains ingredients that classify it as a thickening shampoo. Ingredients like green tea extract and elastin protein aid in achieving fuller-looking hair.



Nexxus Diametress Shampoo





What’s more, the formula is also silicone-free, which for many women is a blessing as they feel that silicone-based products weigh down their flat and fine hair type. But you’re probably wondering just how this formula works. With each wash, the formula increases the diameter of each hair strand by up to 17 percent.

If you’re looking for a shampoo to make hair thicker and fuller-looking, go with this one. Your hairstyles will have a full look and lots of body to match. Complete the regimen with Nexxus Diametress Conditioner for Fine and Flat Hair for best results. If you have curly hair, after washing with the system opt for styling with Nexxus Diametress Volume Body Gel Spray for Fine Hair for a soft, long-lasting style.



Nexxus Diametress Conditioner







Give this shampoo for thicker hair a shot! For more tips for fine hair, here’s how you should be using a blowdryer to boost volume, plus how to use hot rollers and how to choose the best conditioner for your hair type.

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