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How to Create Curls in Your Long Layers

Curlicues to show off your layered hair.

As much as we love braided hairstyles and formal updos, there’s something so chic and gorgeous about long layers. We especially love this look as a way to define your facial features and healthy-looking hair. This look, however, is all about styling. One look that we adore with longer layers is to set a wave or some curls. Ready to rock and define your long layers? Read on to learn how to curl your hair on your awesome long layers.

Show Off Long Layers With Curls this Holiday Season

long layers: how to rock them

1. Prep your hairstyle.

The best thing about achieving curly or wavy hairstyles like this? They work amazingly well on second day hair. Start off by refreshing your hair with the Dove Refresh+Care Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo. Let the dry shampoo soak in for a few minutes, then work through with your fingers or a brush.

Then you’ll need to prep your hair for heat styling. A heat protectant keeps your hair from (literally) getting fried while you are curling your hair. It will help you keep your long hair long by preventing damage that causes breakage. We like the TRESemmé Platinum Strength Heat Spray. It’s lightweight and works to protect your hair from heat damage.

2.Place your hair in sections.

Curling your hair is so much easier when you section your hair. This is especially key to define each of your long layers. Start by sectioning from the top down with three or four pieces of hair, depending on how long and thick your hair is. The longer and thicker the more sections you should use.

3. Curl your hair.

Now it’s finally time to curl your hair! You can go for loose curls for a relaxed look, or tighter curls for more formal holiday occasions. The easiest way to achieve the curled look you want is to remember the larger the barrel the looser the curl.

To make sure your long layers stand out, curl every other section going the opposite way. This allows the curls to separate, instead of all of the curls following the same curl pattern. With separated curls, your long layers can be seen! Keep curling until all of your hair has been curled.

long layers pin curls
Style your long layers by curling your hair with pin curls.

4. Cool your curled layers.

To get your curls to last as long as possible, it’s important to cool them properly. If you’re going for a tighter curl try setting your curls with pincurls. You’ll get a really bouncy curl that can last for days. For loose curls, let your curls cool down and parted where you will wear the style.

No matter how you let your curls cool, when all your curls are cool to the touch, break them up with your fingers. Breaking up the curls allows you to get a more cohesive modern style. Plus, it helps to let the ends of your long layers separate from the curl pattern so they can stick out.

5. Set your style.

We love using curls as the base for so many looks, like half updos and fun twisted styles. Once you’ve achieved your style, use some hairspray so that your curls don’t fall flat. Spritz an even mist of the Bed Head By TIGI Maxxed Out Massive Hold Hairspray all over your style to ensure it will last.

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