5 Formal Updo Hairstyles for the Holidays

Updos we love for the holidays.

With the holiday season hot on our heels we’re getting ready by figuring out what formal updo hairstyles we are going to wear. After all, we’ll take any excuse to try out something new on our hair! To make sure that your formal updo is perfect by the time your holiday party comes around, it’s important to practice your hair styling skills. For a truly formal look, you’ll want to make sure that your hair is as sleek, polished, and perfectly coiffed. Read on to check out some pre-holiday hair inspiration that’ll have your hair ready in time for all of the fun festivities.

Formal Updo Hairstyles to Try this Holiday Season

Formal Updo
Go vintage shopping or find small costume jewelry to make into pins.

1. Vintage Accessories

Add an instant vintage appeal to your formal updo with fingerwaves and old school barrettes. To get this specific style, follow our tutorial for this cool vintage updo. If you only have a few minutes, cheat a vintage style by styling your hair in a simple but elegant bun. Then just add a couple of strategically placed hair pins or barrettes to give the vintage vibe.

formal updo holidays

2. Easy Braid and Chignon

Add interest to a simple chignon by styling with a braid. You can part your hair down the center and do two french braids, collecting both into a bun. Or, you can also do one simple three strand braid and work it into this formal updo chignon tutorial. Just be sure to set your style by using some of the Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Plump Hold Hairspray to ensure that your style will last all night.

formal updo high bun

3. High Bun

A classic formal updo for the holidays is all about the high bun. This style is renowned for its sleek ends with a pronounced, high bun that sits on top of your head. Make sure to have plenty of bobby pins on hand to secure this style.

formal updo accessories

4. Twisted Updo

If traditional hair accessories are not up your alley but vintage hair is, try out this fun hairstyle with succulents. To get this look you will need lots of pins, hairspray, and patience. This style is essentially consecutive pin curls all in a row. Starting from the front, gently sweep your hair back and roll up one inch sections, pinning from behind. Keep rolling and pinning until all of your hair is pinned. Then, use a boar bristle brush to lightly brush upwards and combine the rolls together. Add in your succulents towards the back (or side) of your hair and then set your style by using some of the Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hairspray.

formal updo
Ask a friend to help you get this architectural braided look.

5. Fully Braided Updo

Grab a friend (or a salon professional) and dust off your french braiding skills to get this totally braided updo. You can start on wet or dry hair to get this look. We suggest working with wet hair, coated with a thin layer of the Nexxus New York Salon Care Exxtra Hold Sculpting GelWhat you will need to do is pull the majority of your hair into a ponytail, leaving out an inch or so of hair all the way around your hairline. Then using the ponytail and the remaining hair, create a French braid that you work around your hair. When done, braid all the way down and conceal the end under the braid.

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