15 Amazing Graduation Hairstyles You’ve Got to Try

Alyssa François | 27 April 2016

Walk across the stage with a stylish ‘do!

Those late nights and early mornings have finally paid off! You’ve worked so hard to make it to this day, and now you have to figure out what graduation hairstyles you are going wear at your commencement ceremony. You’ll want to look put-together with a formal hairstyle that showcases your outstanding merit in a stylish and elegant way, while also wearing a look that represents your personality. From low-do’s fitting for your graduation cap to long, sleek tresses, check out our gallery of 15 amazing graduation hairstyles that are sure to inspire you.

Best Graduation Hairstyles To Try

brown ombre hair
Stay on trend with a lob hairstyle this graduation season. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

1. The Lob

Stay on-trend this graduation season with the ever-stylish lob. Try a layered version to give your hair volume. We love that this ‘do isn’t a complicated style to pair with your mortarboard.

long hair brown hair
Keep it simple on your big day with a sharp center part. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

2. Bone-Straight Middle Part

Straight-haired girls can really rock this look, which looks especially stellar with a graduation cap. This beautiful, polished style creates the right amount of balance and only requires some serum or a leave-in product to keep everything in place.

wavy brown hair
Summer graduation? ‘Tis the season for a wavy hairstyle. Photo credit: Indigital

3. Tousled waves

This look is fitting for a summer graduation. This wavy hairstyle is easy to create, wherein you simply use a curling iron to form light and bouncy waves.

graduation hairstyles braids
Box braids are intricate and classy. Keep them small to ensure they can fit under your cap!

4. Box Braids

If your hair is already braided in this beautiful and intricate style (or you want to try it out for graduation), go ahead. Box braids are very versatile since you can wear them down or twist them into a low bun for a more classic spin on the look.

braided chignon
Take a simple bun up a notch for graduation day. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

5. Studious Chignon

Maybe you’d rather not wear your hair down, or maybe your hair is prone to frizz so you want to elegantly tuck it in. A low chignon is timeless and fitting for wearing a cap with. It’s a very sophisticated look for walking across that stage as you wave proudly to Mom and Dad. Slide on some stunning earrings to top this look off!

short red hair graduation hairstyles
Embark on your new chapter with a totally new you! Make the cut! Photo credit: Dvora

6. Master Pixie

You may either already have a pixie or you’re itching to cut your hair in honor of graduation, a.k.a. freedom. Step into the new world with a new short ’do like this one that you can style with a defined mini-mohawk.

knotted ponytail hairstyle
Knotted ponytail hairstyle. Photo credit: Indigital

7. Low Side-Knot Ponytail

If your plan is to do something extremely simple with a bit of style, try this on for size. This hairstyle doesn’t require any hair ties since a section of your hair is looped around the ponytail to hold it in place. Your hair is kept neat and controlled under your mortarboard.

deep side part hairstyle
A deep side part hairstyle will take you from commencement to your fancy graduation dinner. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

8. Deep Side Part

Fringe or no fringe, the deep side part allows to you sweep your hair across your face, resulting in a subtly dramatic look. Note: You might just need that fringe on your face on your big day, especially when the tears start to flow!

graduation hairstyles waterfall braid
Add some detail to your hair with a waterfall braid for graduation day.

9. Waterfall braids

This cool style offers the potential for a big reveal: When it’s time to throw that cap in the air, you’ll be showcasing an elegant asymmetrical waterfall braid that no one ever knew existed. This versatile hairstyle will take you from ceremony to dinner without having to make any adjustments to your hair.

braided bang graduation hairstyle ideas
Looking for updo graduation hairstyles that work well with mortar cap. Try braided bangs. Pull out some tendrils to frame your face. Photo credit: Indigital

10. Side braid

Whether you choose a fishtail braid or French braid, this style is a great option for long-haired girls that you can easily do yourself. You can also vary the side that you braid in as you create a simple, youthful and classy style.

sultry curls brown hair
Running late for commencement? Slide your cap on, add some curls to your ends and go! Photo credit: Indigital

11. Shoulder-length curls

Take cues from Old Hollywood glamour with shiny, shoulder-length curls. These ringlets have the appropriate amount of romance that’s also suitable for celebrating your academic achievements.

curly hairstyle
Rock your natural hair with twist out curls for graduation. Use a hair wand to curl any stubborn ends.

12. Twist-out

We love how this one is a no-fuss hairstyle for the natural ladies. The twist-out gives your ringlets the perfect balance of volume that will fit your pretty curls right under your graduation cap.

asymmetrical bob haircut graduation hairstyles
You can’t ever go wrong with a cap-friendly bob haircut. Photo credit: indigtalimages.com

13. Graduated bob

Consider this an elegant and modern twist on the traditional bob. The longer layers on the front add depth and a bit of edge. For your graduation day, enhance this look with a chic side clip.

graduation hairstyles vintage inspired waves
Feeling fancy? Rock some vintage inspired waves. Start your waves from the mid shaft of your hair to avoid a poufy feel under your cap.

14. Polished Waves

A set of sleek, neat waves is a strikingly glamorous hairdo for your graduation. With a simple twist of a curling wand, the waves will make your hair look thick and luxurious.

blonde balayage long hair graduation hairstyles
Not interested in short graduation hairstyles but still want to enter your new chapter in a fresh way? Try ombré! Photo credit: Dvora

15. Ombré Hair

If you’re in the mood to try something a little more trendy for your big day, add some ombré highlights to your hair. Give your hair color the perfect amount of contrast against your graduation cap. With this look, you and your hair will both shine as you throw that cap in the air.


Congratulations! Which of these graduation hairstyles are you excited to try?

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