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Long Hair Tips: 5 Styling Hacks You Should Know for Healthy Styles

Keep it long, keep it strong.

Growing out your hair out can be a struggle. You have to get those regular trims, use the right brush and avoid breakage, which is basically a long haired gal’s worst enemy. It totally kills all that long hard work of growing your hair! That’s why you need our long hair tips, these will keep your hair stylish, and help to avoid breakage. Keep on reading to learn some more of our favorite tips to having healthy, long hair.

Our Best Long Hair Tips For Healthy, Stylin’ Long Locks

long hair tips and advice
Long hair takes time to grow but can be totally worth it! Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

1. Reduce damage with heatless styles.

The number one thing long haired gals need in their hair styling repertoire? Heatless styles. It’s super important to use as little heat on your hair as possible. All that heat can cause irreparable damage to your hair, and lead to breakage. Overall big long hair no-no’s! Avoid the drama and do heatless looks instead. We love a bunch of heatless curls, and heatless waves, too.

2. Hydrate your hair before you blow-dry.

We know going totally heat free isn’t a reality. What you can do, before doing more regular tasks like blow drying your hair, is make sure you hydrate. Long hair is downright old at the ends, they’ve been through a lot and need some TLC. We recommend using the Dove Absolute Curls Supreme Creme Serum. It will give you ultimate hydration and make your hair super smooth and shiny. Doesn’t get much better than that.

3. Change Up Your Style Regularly

Something else to keep in mind is what styles you wear regularly. If you pull your hair back into a super tight ponytail every single day, you can damage that long hair in two ways. First of all the tension between your hair and the hair tie is not great. That tension can cause damage, which just like heat damage, can lead to breakage. This goes for tight hair ties in any style worn regularly!

The second way it can be damaging is for your scalp. When you wear particularly tight styles it puts a lot of tension on your scalp and hair follicles. Over time, wearing tight styles day after day can cause damage to those precious follicles, trust us, you don’t want that.

4. Learn the secrets to happy long hair.

If you are rocking mermaid curls, we’ve got a sneaky secret for you. It’s not only great for making your style look that much beachier, but it also helps hydrate and add shine to your hair. Ready? Add oil.

That’s it! When you are done curling your hair (or shaking out heatless curls, hint hint) take just dot a few drops of the Nexxus New York Salon Care Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil on your fingers. Then, just run your fingers through the bottom half of your hair. This will create a piecey, just out of the ocean texture, while hydrating those dry ends. It’s a no brainer.

5. Why your brush matters.

We’re sure you know, but you can’t just rip a brush through long hair. That’s like long hair tips 101. But, what you may not know is that you may really only need a wide tooth comb. No brush at all! Having a super wide-tooth comb is helpful for detangling without causing too much friction. They’re also great for helping you achieve the perfect parting.

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