5 Cute No Heat Long Hairstyles to Wear This Week

Zero heat damage, and super chic to boot.

One of our hair resolutions for the new year is to wear more heatless hairstyles. While we love rocking a blowout and curls, the constant heat action can take a toll on our tresses, causing them to split or dry out. This can be especially helpful for those with long hair where you can give your hair a break from heat a few days a week, while still having a good hair day. Bonus: no heat long hairstyles are super easy to create and learning how to create them can help you to get out of the door just a little quicker.  So, put down your flat irons and pick up a hair tie or two as we show you five super cute hairstyles that you can try without heat.

No Heat Long Hairstyles to Wear at Least Once A Week

no heat long hairstyles braided crimps
Want volume without heat damage? This is how you get it!

1. Braided Crimps

The crimped hairstyle is sticking around for a while this year. We’re loving the loads of volume that this look creates, but don’t love the intense heat it takes to create with a crimper. Instead you can fake the crimped look with braids! To get this tight crimped look you’ll have to put in several more braids than we did in this braided crimps tutorial. All you need to do is put in the braids when your hair is slightly damp, then go to sleep! In the morning, simply take out the braids and rock those crimps!

no heat long hairstyles twist out
Do the Senegalese twist.

2. Twist Out

Another heatless style that we love is the twist out! You can wear this particular style by simply undoing your rope twists, which you can totally D.I.Y. if you have some spare time. This look is a great way to get twice the milage out of one trip to the stylist. You can always do fewer, larger twists to get a larger curled look when you un-twist. When you do, just be sure to add some moisture back into your hair with Nexxus Humectress Lightweight Conditioning Mist.

no heat long hairstyles slick back
Slicked back hair that’s bound to turn heads.

3. Slicked Back Perfection

If you’re having a particularly oily roots day, and don’t have time for a date with some shampoo, try slicking back your hair instead. All you need is Nexxus Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel and a comb. Just apply the gel to your pre-combed hair and comb through again! This is a daring style you may rather wear out on the town instead of to work or school.

no heat long hairstyles messy french braid
Bonus: tomorrow you can wear the waves.

4. Messy French Braid

For quickie no heat long hairstyles, look no further than the classic braid. Sure, you could do a simple over-the-shoulder three strand braid, but it’s not that much harder to do a French braid. You can follow along with our tutorial for French braiding long hair. You can muss up this style to create a tousled look by tugging on random pieces of hair. It’s that “messy hair, don’t care” look that we’re kind of obsessing over this year.

no heat long hairstyles pretzel bun
Intricate looking styles don’t need to be difficult to do. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

5. Pretzel Bun

We know that you’re busy and need styles that’ll still allow your second- or third-day hair to look gorgeous. One style that we love for those days is this fun and surprisingly easy pretzel bun. Another slightly easier bun you can create is the bow bun or this funky snake braided bun.

Need more no heat long hairstyles to try? Check out these four ways to create heatless curls

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