Long Layered Bob: 14 Lobs to Consider While Growing Your Hair Out

How to guarantee that your strands look chic during the 'growing out your hair' process.

We all know that painfully awkward stage that feels impossible to avoid, that stage that everyone encounters while growing her hair out. That middle zone somewhere between short and chic and long and mermaid-like seems to last forever. We found the solution to this conundrum, though: the long layered bob. The long layered bob is the ideal middle ground between short and long haircuts and is both chic and intentional. It can be tempting to cut your hair short again after undergoing the growing out process for a long enough time but this style will help you make it through:

Long Layered Bob: 14 Looks to Consider

long layered bob slight ombre red brown
Highlight your long bob with a subtle ombré.

1. Subtle Ombré

Hair boredom is real but it’s also avoidable. Give yourself something new and exciting to work with by dyeing your strands a subtle shade of ombré. Make sure to have your stylist keep the color subtle to avoid doing too much damage to your strands.

long layered bob rooted blonde loose curls
Pair rooted color with loose curls for a laid-back look.

2. Rooted

Give your hair the illusion of being longer than it is by opting for a rooted style.

long layered bob red curls
Show off your cut with a bright shade of fiery red.

3. Fiery Red

Show off your long layered bob by dyeing it a bright shade of fiery red. Add even more movement to your strands by curling them with a 1-inch curling iron. Make sure to prep your hair with Nexxus Promend Heat Protecting Mist to ensure your hair stays healthy as it grows.

long layered bob red brown straight
This classic bob is easy to style and so chic.

4. Straight Bob

Wear your layered bob in a choppy and straight style for maximum edginess.

long layered bob purple blue straight
Bring in shades of blue and purple.

5. Multi-Colored

Bring in shades of blue and purple for a multi-colored look that’s both bold and beautiful.

long layered bob pastel green
Lighten up with a shade of pastel green.

6. Pastel Colors

If you’re ready for a big change in the hair department but you don’t want to sacrifice your length then consider dyeing your strands a beautiful shade of pastel green.

long layered bob mermaid green blue
Color your bob with mermaid-inspired hues.

7. Mermaid Locks

Alternatively, you can take it a step further and dyeing your hair a combination of blues and greens for a mermaid-like vibe.

long layered bob lightly rooted light blonde
Keep your cut, color and style sleek.

8. Sleek Blonde

Run Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Smoothing Hair Serum through your strands to give them a sleek and silky feel and to keep them moisturized and healthy as you grow them out.

long layered bob light blonde
Give your cut an easy texture.

9. Easy Texture

Let your long bob air dry for the fast and easy route to loads of texture.

long layered bob deep side part straight dark brunette
Straighten your dark strands for extra drama.

10. Dark Brunette

Straighten your hair to get all the length you can out of your strands while you’re in the growing out process.

long layered bob dark brown brushed curls
Brush your curls out for a long-lasting style.

11. Brushed Curls

Brush through your curls after they cool off from your curling iron and then spray them with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Boost Hold Level 3.

long layered bob blonde blown out
Layers look beautiful when blown out to perfection.

12. Blown Out

Take advantage of your layered haircut to create a beautifully blown out style that shows off every angle with a smooth and silky texture.

long layered bob ashy blonde messy textured
The messier the better.

13. Messy Texture

One of our favorite things about this style is how well it wears. Wear this look for a few days at a time – it only gets better as it ages.

long layered bob ashy brown
Soften your color with some strategic highlights.

14. Soft Brown

Another alternative to a drastic haircut, you can always add some subtle highlights to change your look up without sacrificing the length you’re working so hard for.

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