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The Magic Mending Product That’s Helping Me Grow My Hair Out

A time machine for my damaged strands. 

I’ve been stuck in an endless loop of wanting to grow my hair out and then cutting it into a short, more mature and what I imagine care-free lob over and over again for as long as I can remember. Soon after the novelty of a fresh short haircut fades, I start to miss my mermaid-like strands and immediately begin to grow my hair out again. I’ve become an expert at growing my hair out over the years, and know with certainty that one of my biggest enemies in this process is the dreaded split end phenomenon. It’s natural for hair to show some wear and tear over time due to heat styling, routine breakage and potentially rough handling when drying your hair after a shower, but is there any way around it? This split end repairing product is one way to avoid this phenomenon and it’s been the biggest help as I (once again) begin to grow my hair out:

The Product I’m Using While I Grow My Hair Out

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Keep your strands in tip-top shape.

Before we get into the magic of this split end repairing product, let’s review the preventative measures you can take to avoid split ends altogether. If possible, you’ll want to sleep on silk pillowcases. Silk will cause less damage to your strands when your hair rubs against your pillow at night and taking this measure will help keep your tresses intact.

Additionally, when you’re drying your hair after you shower you’ll want to gently squeeze the water out with your towel rather than roughly tugging at your strands. This will help you dry your hair without causing breakage. And lastly, when you’re combing through your hair, be sure to start at the bottom and work your way up. This is the easiest way to avoid tangles and tearing through your hair with your comb.

Once you’ve done the most to avoid breakage to begin with, let’s tackle how to treat the damage that’s already been done. Suave Split End Rescue Split End Hair Serum is available at your local drugstore so you can easily pick up a bottle of this beauty on your way home from work. Formulated to mend and protect hair, this leave-in serum will revive your dry and damaged strands and protect them from the elements, any chemical treatments your strands might undergo, washing and brushing.

You’ll want to run a dime-sized amount of this through the bottom half of your hair when it’s damp post-shower for a full dose of split end repairing magic.

If your strands need a little extra love you can swap out your usual wash and care system for Love Beauty and Planet Hope and Repair Coconut Oil & Ylang Ylang Shampoo and Conditioner for an added dose of reparative measures. The combination of this shampoo and conditioner duo and the split end rescue serum have my strands feeling their best. And, they give me the confidence to dive headfirst into the growing out my hair process all over again.

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