10 Adorable Ways to Style Long Hair with Side Bangs

We're making a case for this throwback style.

If long hair with side bangs feels a little early 2000s to you, you’re not alone. Long hair with side bangs was one of the most popular hairstyles around 10 years ago. You’ll be surprised, then, to hear that this style is making a comeback. This long hair side bangs collection illustrates a roundup of very 2023-appropriate ways to wear this look and includes all of the styling tips and product recommendations you might need. Read on for a blast from the past, and see the more modern ways to revive long hair with side swept bangs styles:

How to Style Long Hair with Side Bangs

1. Textured Waves

Show off you new bangs with textured waves. Photo by Anika Huizinga

Wash your hair at night and sleep on it to create this easy, messy texture. Spray your strands with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Texture Hold Level 1 right when you wake up to add even more texture while also holding your natural waves in place.

2. Sleek Ponytail

side pony
if you’re looking for something sleek yet chic, this is the look for you. Photo by Bekah Allmark

On the other end of the spectrum is this sleek ponytail. Gather your strands into a sleek, shiny ponytail and let your bangs take center stage. For a more chic effect, leave your bangs out loosely to add some volume to the look.

3. Fiery Red

Opt for a bright hue. Photo by Ivy Shirn

Dye your hair a bright shade of fiery red to highlight your brand-new cut. We love this hair color, especially when worn with a layered hairstyle. Opt-in for one of the biggest layered hair trends of the year when you try this color with a wolf cut.

4. Center Part

long hair with side bangs middle part ponytail
Add a modern edge to your look.

An easy way to bring this look straight into this year is by styling your bangs in a modern center part. This look is a great way to mimic cropped bangs without having to cut your hair.

5. Professional Ponytail

sleek work pony
A gorgeous look for work. Photo by Valerie Elash

Make this look office-appropriate by sweeping your bangs to the side and gathering the rest of your hair into a chic low ponytail. This style is sleek enough to even rock at formal occasions!

6. Soft Curls

soft curls with side bangs
Pair your side bangs with soft curls. Photo by Paloma Lamadreinspirada

Create the boho, chic, and beach hair of your dreams! Pair soft side swept bangs with soft curls for a look that’s both sweet and simple. Perfect for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

7. Blown Out

long hair with side bangs down blown out
Wear your strands long and silky straight.

Blow-dry your hair after prepping it with TRESemmé One-Step 5-in-1 Smoothing Cream for a finished look that rivals your pro stylist’s work. The perfect way to keep up with the blowout trend while on a budget.

8. Neatly Curled

Neat curls for the win! Valeria Kogan

After neatly curling your hair with a curling iron, curl your hair, tuck the curls behind your shoulders, and spray them with Dove Style+Care Extra Hold Hairspray for a neat and sleek look. A gorgeous style for all of life’s most perfect occasions.

9. Cropped

cropped bang
Frame your face with a cropped bang. Photo by Matheus Ferrero

Cropped bangs aren’t only for full fringe. You can wear your side-swept bangs short too. Elevate the look with layered bangs and fringes. This style looks especially great when worn in chic updos.

10. Longer Bangs

long hair with side bangs bleached curls long bangs
Try something a little more subtle and leave the drama to your hair color.

Blend your side bangs into your shorter layers for a more subtle look that leaves all the attention on your bright and bold hair color. Long bangs are also a great way to transition out of having bangs when you are getting ready to switch up your look.

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