20 Fringe Bangs Styles That are Perfect for Any Season

The perfect low commitment fringe.

It’s no surprise that bangs have been a huge trend over the past year. From curtain styles to baby bangs, we’ve seen just about every length shape, and thickness makes an appearance. However, one style that’s having a particularly trendy moment right now is the fringe bangs.

Fringe bangs are different from the traditional full bang style you’re probably thinking of because they’re slightly longer. This style can be level with your eyebrow or just below the brow. Plus, it’s a great option if you’re testing the waters with fringe because they don’t take long to grow out so you can easily tuck behind your ear with no problem!

No matter what hair type or texture you have, fringe bangs are a style that will work with your strands. It’s the perfect addition that will compliment your look. From a bob to a layered balayage, there isn’t a style fringe bangs won’t look good with. Check out some top styles for inspiration.

1. Shag with Fringe Bangs

girl with shag hair and bangs
Pair your fringe bangs with a shag.

Pairing your fringe bangs with a shag cut is a great option because this style of bang is longer. Because of this, it’ll blend in very easily with the overall look.

2. Natural Hair with Fringe Bangs

girl with natural hair and bangs
Fringe bangs look great on natural hair.

Natural curly hair works really well with fringe. Over the past year, we’ve seen so many people embrace their natural texture when it comes to bangs looks.

3. Long Red Hair

girl with long red hair and bangs
Try out fringe bangs with a vibrant hue.

Have red hair? Show off your color with bangs and a long length.

4. Long Hair with Piecey Bangs

girl with long asian hair and bangs
This style is great on thin hair too!

If you have long hair, try a longer fringe bang with a piecey look. This gives you the same effect without making the bangs overpower your face. Plus, the longer bangs complement your long length.

5. Shoulder-Length Strands

shoulder length hair with bangs
Fringe is the perfect addition to a shoulder-length style.

Want the ultimate effortless, everyday look? This wavy lob, paired with fringe is a perfect style that’s put together, yet still casual and doesn’t involve a lot of effort to do.

6. Classic Bob and Bangs

sleek bob with bangs
A look like this is classic.

In the mood for a classic style? This bob paired with fringe bangs is a great option for any hair type.

7. Middle-Parted Fringe Bangs

girl with piecey curtain fringe
Try out piecey fringe.

Want a wash-an-go look? If you have naturally wavy or textured hair, opt for a mid-length cut with bangs and you’ll have the most effortless style ever. Use a texture spray like Suave Dry Texture Finishing Spray for added hold and texture.

8. Curly Shag Style

curly shag with fringe
Fringe bangs are perfect on curly hair too!

Curly hair thrives with a shag haircut. You naturally achieve so much volume. The addition of bangs makes it the perfect trendy style.

9. Short Layered Look

short blonde shag with fringe
Make your fringe the focus.

Layered looks are huge right now. If you’re a fan of very short haircuts, try a style like this, and your fringe bangs seamlessly blend right into your layers, giving you the ultimate shag style.

10. Pixie Cut and Fringe Bangs

blonde pixie cut with fringe
Who says pixie cuts can have thick fringe?!

Ready for the ultimate short style? Ask your stylist for a pixie cut with fringe bangs. The bangs will be the focus of the look and you’ll save so much time when it comes to styling.

11. Accessorized Style

girl with fringe bangs and a hat
Accessorize your look with a hat.

Not having the best hair day, but still want to show off your bangs? Add a hat to your look; it’s the perfect fall-time accessory anyway!

12. Lob with Bangs

dark wavy lob with bangs
An effortless style is perfect when paired with fringe bangs.

A lob with fringe bangs gives off the ultimate French-girl effortless style.

13. Curly Fringe

girl with curly hair and bangs
Curly hair looks great with this style.

We love how curly hair looks with this style! It involves very little styling when sporting your natural curls.

14. Effortless Bob

bob with bangs
Opt for a fool-proof combo like this.

In a rush? Go for this trendy style paired with a bob. This is an easy style that any hair type can sport.

15. Wavy Layered Hairstyle

girl with wavy and bangs
Try out a trendy layered style.

Layered looks are huge right now. Why not add another trendy element to the look with fringe bangs?

16. Side-Swept Style

girl with side-swept fringe bangs
Try sweeping your fringe to the side.

If you don’t feel like wearing your bangs straight across your forehead, go for a side-swept look. Lock-in place with hair spray for a look that stays all day!

17. Overgrown Style

girl with bangs and short hair
Opt for a more overgrown look.

Skeptical about trying bangs? Go for an overgrown variation, this way, you don’t need to worry about growing them out for a long time if you get sick of the style.

18. Pink Hair

girl with pink hair
Try out an exciting color!

Want to do something unique with your style? Try out a pastel color like this light pink hue. Use a color-safe shampoo like Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo and Conditioner, to get the most out of your hue.

19. Wavy Lob

lob with fringe bangs
A wavy lob transforms the look into an effortless style.

In the mood to try out a shorter cut? We love how this trend looks when paired with a wavy lob. There’s no need for excessive heat styling with this look.

20. Loosely Curled Hair

girl with wavy hair and bangs
It’s the “it girl” look of the season.

This trend paired with a loose wavy look is the ultimate “it girl” style. It’s chic, effortless, and can be worn for a variety of occasions.

Whether you pair your new fringe with a pastel hue or opt for a classic bob and bangs combo, there are many ways you can try out fringe bangs this season.

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