Black Hairstyles with Bangs: 16 Styles to Make You Want a Fringe

Every hair type gets fringe benefits.

It seems like everywhere you turn there’s someone who just got a new fresh set of bangs. Bangs are an easy way to give yourself a bit of a makeover without doing something extremely drastic. We’re not saying it’s a style change that’s completely foolproof (and thankfully, there’s a way to fix that), but it’s totally worth the risk no matter what hair type you have. This is why we’re highlighting black hairstyles with bangs.

If you’ve been told you should stay away from bangs because you have a natural hair texture, especially if you tend to wear your hair curly, we’re here to prove otherwise. Black hairstyles with bangs, whether you’re a curly natural or a straight natural, are a look that can work across the board. If you aren’t sold yet, then allow these looks to change your mind.