How to Style a Pixie Cut, Plus 7 Style Ideas

Make the cut with one of these stylish ideas.

If you’re in the market for a short haircut, we’re here for you. Nothing feels better than a big chop, trust us. And no haircut screams cutting-edge more than pixie cuts. This avant-garde yet feminine look has become a style worthy of cult status, and we can definitely understand why: It’s undeniably hot, unique, and is a style statement all on its own. One thing pixie haircuts aren’t lacking is style. Whether you don’t know what to do with your hair or are seeking inspiration and a push to make the cut, we’ve rounded up eight ways, from boyish to feminine, to work your pixie.And, after you chop your mop into a short pixie, you’ll need to learn switch up your styling routine to learn how to style pixie cuts. Although your hair will be shorter, pixie cuts do take some styling time, friends. But, once you find the length that suits you it’s easy to style pixie cuts. We like pixies of all lengths, from teeny-weenie afros to ear grazing crops. Read on to learn more about how to style pixie cut for this year.

How to Style a Pixie Cut

ways to style pixie cuts for volume
All the volume, all the time.

1. Topped Off With Volume

We love the look of pixie cuts with a whole lot of volume. The voluminous look works when you have a pixie cut that’s a little bit long on top. To get that volume, use a wax product! They are the best thing for short hair, trust us. Use the S Factor By TIGI Creamy Molding Wax to pull your roots upwards for that full look.

ways to style pixie cuts for straight hair.
Flip that hair girlfriend. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

2. Deep Side Part

If you’ve read any of our posts for longer hair, you’ll know we love a good side part and they’re great for short hair, too! Adding a deep side part to your short hair is one of the best ways to polish your style. You don’t need to go for the super straight hair look either. Deep side parts are also great for wavy and curly textures.

ways to style pixie cuts for wavy hair
Waves for days.

3. Wavy Side Bangs

Speaking of wavy textures let’s chat about wavy ways to style pixie cuts. We’re firm believers that short cuts look good on all face shapes and hair textures. If you’ve been hesitant to go short because you have wavy hair we encourage you to give it a shot! We love how elegant this wavy side bangs style looks. To style your waves use the TRESemmé Make Waves Defining Cream to help create the shape you’re looking for.

ways to style pixie cuts for straight hair
Perfect for that long on top pixie.

4. Color Blocked Dye Job

Can we all say yes to color blocked hair this year? To get this style, bleach the top section of your hair where the bottom part will have your natural color. This also makes it super easy to keep up your color with your regular trims. If you keep the bottom half of your hair shorter, it may need trims more often so keeping it the natural color makes your life so much easier. And stylish to boot.

ways to style pixie cuts for androgynous styles
Perfect for that androgynous look. Photo credit:

5. Messy Bowl Cut

The bowl cut was the androgynous sleeper hit of 2016. We love how effortless this style looks that you can style by using the Nexxus Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel. Then, run your fingers through your hair to create that messy bed head look all day.

ways to style pixie cuts for natural curls
Naturally curly girls rejoice! Photo credit:

6. Angled Mini ‘Fro

A cute style for our naturally curly friends is this angled mini afro. It’s ever so slightly longer on top and tapers down the sides to give a really cool, sleek effect. This cut is also great if you struggle to get your baby hairs to participate since they are shorn shorter they tend to mesh well with the rest of your hair.

ways to style pixie cuts for curly hair
Perfect curls are the best curls.

7. Delicate Defined Curls

Are these curls perfect or what? We love the look of super defined perfect curls on short hair. To get this perfectly curled look, make sure you keep your curls hydrated. Spritz your curls with the Bed Head By TIGI Foxy Curls Spray. This helps to revive your curls and give you a nice moisture boost.

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