what are the hair wax benefits?

5 Ways Hair Wax Benefits Your Daily Glam

It can simplify your life, really.

It seems as if the boys have one up on us in this department, or at least have a good head start! It’s no secret that products such as hair wax have been a part of their styling game since, like, ever, and have been reaping hair wax benefits, such as touchable texture and a fashionably matte finish, for awhile now.

Whether or not it’s a paradigm paralysis or simply a fault of bad marketing, a lot of women still haven’t really taken to hair wax as a go-to, inasmuch as, say, mousse, serum or leave-in conditioner. Being fans of a good wax however has led us to put together a short case on why this overachiever of a styling product can earn you serious style points (not to mention be a bit of a life-changer—trust us). Read on to see how exactly hair wax benefits your daily routine:

5 Ways Hair Wax Benefits Your Styling Process

hair wax benefits on short hairstyles
Hair wax: Taking the “Manic” out of Manic Pixie Dream Girls everywhere.

1. It helps you embrace your natural texture.

Formulation-wise, hair wax is pretty much self-explanatory: Usually made up of a tacky, viscous or sticky substance (which also lends it to being called by names such as clay or “hair putty”), it’s meant to enhance your hair’s current state of affairs. It’s primarily used in texturizing or spiking up short hairstyles, and for giving direction and a bit of hold to layers and bangs. No bells and whistles here: What this means is that you get more control over your styling process without too much angst over how you get there, as its application is fairly easy to master—making it great for low-key regimen enthusiasts.

2. It’s not a wash-out nightmare.

The texture of hair wax is a bit hard to overdo—no spillage, and you pretty much see the exact amount you swipe out. That said, another one of our favorite hair wax benefits is that it’s easier to remove than gel. There’s less of a slimy or greasy after-feel when you wash it out, which can also translate to needing less shampoo to do so. Win-win.

3. It’s easy to layer.

Wax is democratic, in the sense that it gives you targeted tack and control. It’s a buildable product that, when applied correctly, is manageable and can be the most straightforward yet laid-back product you have in your arsenal: Just muss it in and go.

4. It plays well with others.

Just like how the best makeup, fragrance and skincare products should layer well, hair products shouldn’t lose their integrity or overpower when used in a mix. It can be used in a cocktail with a variety of other hair products, i.e. volumizers, leave-in conditioners, shine sprays, etc. without compromising payoff.

5. It’s awesome on the go.

Tool-dependent products, such as mousse, blowdrying lotion and flat iron serums, as well as niche items like sea salt spray, aren’t necessarily top-of-mind when you’re stocking your go-bag for the gym, or even during a weekend getaway. But since hair wax benefits include not requiring the use of running water or any help of electrical tools, it makes for a pretty handy styling aid. It can easily repurpose as gel or a holding agent, and can provide a bit of texture too, which also ticks that crucial 2-in-1 box for travel-friendliness and makes for a more streamlined vanity kit.

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