What’s in My Hair Today: Hairspray

Serena Norr | 03 July 2016

Cause hairspray has drastically changed since the ’80s.

The last time I used hairspray was after I received an ’80s perm hairstyle. I thought that look everything, which in hindsight resembled a fluffy poodle. The stylist sprayed what seemed like a can full of hairspray, leaving my hair feeling crunchy and sticky. I hated that more than the hairstyle itself and haven’t used hairspray since. Until recently. Thankfully, hairspray has come a long way since then where it now functions as an innovative product to lock in hairstyles without leaving the hair feeling crunchy or stiff. Read on to learn more about what’s in my hair today and why I just love hairspray.

Using Hairspray

hairspray serena norr

In my busy life, I tend to air-dry my hair post-workout. It’s simpler, easy and I’ve learned to like wearing my wavy hair just as it is. When I do opt for a blowout or controlled waves thanks to a curling wand, I want to make sure that style stays in place all day long. With all of that work how can you not want to lock in your style!? These are the instances where I will use hairspray. Right now my go-to hairspray of choice is Nexxus Comb Thru Finishing Mist.

While in attendance at the Nexxus event in NYC, I received a blowout with curly ends, which I absolutely loved! The stylist then sprayed some of the Nexxus Comb Thru Finishing Mist throughout my hair to lock in the style. After she sprayed my hair, she lightly released my curls as I looked at her in shock. Wasn’t my hair supposed to be crunchy and stiff? She had me feel my hair and I was equally surprised by how lightweight and airy my hair felt. Honestly, I didn’t realize hairspray could leave my hair touchable and soft while also locking in my style. She then explained how this product can add some volume and bounce to my hair as well as how it can deliver a natural control all day. I was an instant convert.

Today, I wearing my hair in light curls that acclimate around the ends of my hair. Normally, this style would fall flat but since I better understand the power of hairspray I’ve been using it to effortlessly hold my style in place.

A great product to lock in your hairstyle, hairspray is an incredible product to make sure your style lasts all day long and with ease.

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So, tell us: what’s in your hair today?

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