Trending Long Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Eunice Lucero | 27 April 2016

Girl, your hair’s looking fine.

Having thin, fine hair is a Catch 22: It’s easy enough to manage, but it’s also super prone to frizz, and can lose its shape and lift within minutes of leaving the door. Looking for long hairstyles for thin hair then becomes a delicate balancing act between style and practicality. Thankfully, we’ve found that one of the easiest ways to marry both is by opting for cuts that make the most out of baby-fine strands (spoiler alert: layers reign for this hair type) and by playing with partings and texture.

Remember: Mousse and blowdry lotions are your friends!

Read on to learn more about some cool long hairstyles for thin hair:

Fun Long Hairstyles for Thin Hair

trending long hairstyles for thin hair include a long and layered bronde style
Keep those fabulously blended layers just past the jawline for a more flattering swing. Photo credit:

1. Long and layered

We’re going old school with this one. This classic has stood the test of time (and different hair types) because of its über-democratic versatility. Layers that start gradually from the chin and end 1 ½” shorter than your longest lengths give super-fine hair some movement and an overall fuller look. For an everyday oomph, invest in a volumizing (and paradigm-shifting) wash-and-care regimen, like TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Pre-Wash Conditioner and TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo.


long hairstyles for thin hair blonde waves
Dubbed the “rich-girl bend,” loose curls look effortless and healthy. Photo credit:

2. Loosely curled

Airy bends, or rich girl hair, is perhaps the most flattering kinds of ringlets for fine hair—bigger curls have a hard time holding their shape on really fine hair, and tighter curls tend to frizz out or look crunchy. To achieve, wrap thin sections of hair around a 1 ¼” barreled curling iron, twirling away from the face and starting from eye level downwards. Make sure to leave around 1” free at the ends. Repeat on all sections and loosely shake off when done. A middle part looks extra-special with this look.


trending long hairstyles for thin hair include half twists
Keep the twists smooth for an almost halo-like result on the sides. Photo credit:

3. Sleek half-pony twist

As far as long hairstyles for thin hair go, this simple hairstyle has maximum impact. The nighttime version of this look entails you blowing hair out really straight and shiny—and we mean mirror-shiny—and refining it with a flat iron. The day look (as pictured) can get away with more texture. Create a middle part and take two tiny sections behind each temple and twist them towards the middle, creating a half-pony effect. Secure together with a hair tie or bobby pin, and enjoy the tiny bump in your crown this creates.


trending long hairstyles for thin hair include a blown out bombshell do
Any style that has layers that kiss the collarbones makes our list for drop-dead sexy. Photo credit:

4. Blown-out bombshell

This failsafe glam look gets a 2016 update with more blended layers below the chin towards the ends. Ask your stylist to use thinning shears if possible for a cool, downtown effect, which when blown out, adds more heft to your style. Prep hair with a bodifying spray such as Nexxus New York Salon Care Diametress Body Gel Spray, focusing on the root. Part hair to one side, a shiny, bumpy beehive (as shown), or opt for an imprecise middle part. Proceed to blowdry as normal, making sure to blast the root to create some lift (careful with your scalp though!). Smooth down any kinks with a hardworking—but lightweight—shine serum as desired.


long hairstyles for thin hair sexy fringe on brunette
The sweet spot: always a few millimeters past the brow. Photo credit:

5. Sweet bangs

Bangs always breathe new life into any long hairstyle, but on fine hair they do run the risk of getting stringy and falling limp halfway in. First, ask your stylist for a full, yet longer fringe—ends should barely kiss your cheekbones—for a cute, swingy, slightly retro effect. Make sure your layers start lower on your lengths if you have bangs to avoid a choppy, dated look. Refresh your bangs once they start to feel greasy with a dry shampoo such as Dove Refresh+Care Volume & Fullness Dry Shampoo, which can also work to give some lift and bounce to your root area.

What are your favorite long hairstyles for thin hair?

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