Why Should You Use a Serum for Hair?

Alyssa François | 10 May 2016

Hair serum to the rescue!

Flyaways and frizz are nobody’s best friend. Even if you have healthy-looking and manageable hair, you may still have to deal with some annoying hair issues. Enter your hair savior, of sorts, with serum for hair, a popular hair care product that can help make your locks smooth and manageable. But before you start applying it throughout your hair, you’re going to need to know even more about what it is, and what it does. You can then further decide what your hair concerns are, and how to implement a hair serum into your daily or weekly regimen. Read on to discover the benefits of serum for hair and the common hair conditions that it can help.

Benefits of a Serum for Hair

Serum for Hair: A Must-Have Hair Care Product

Hair serum has many benefits that can give your tresses an added boost. But, first understand that this product shouldn’t be confused with a natural oil like coconut or almond. Some serums are oil-free while others may contain oil (exotic or carrier oils) along with silicones. These ingredients are what allow serum for hair to coat the hair shaft in order to protect and prevent the following common hair concerns:

1. Mend and prevent split ends.

Although you really should be trimming your hair every four to six weeks, hair serums like Suave Professionals Split End Rescue Serum can work their magic to mend those annoying broken ends in-between salon visits. It works by temporarily sealing and binding your hair cuticles while also hiding split ends. Serums also help prevent split ends from re-occurring as the protective layer coats the hair from that wear and tear of daily styling.

2. Prevent or tame frizz and beat humidity.

Whether your hair is curly, wavy or straight, you can kick frizz in the butt with a hair serum like Dove Quench Absolute Supreme Creme Serum and save your hairstyle simultaneously. When used after styling or with daily usage, serums help protect against frizz. On a hot summer day (or a muggy, rainy spring morning), use your trusty hair serum for added protection against humidity. Remember a little goes a long way, where you simply have to apply a dime-sized amount, focusing on the ends of your hair, and you’re golden.

serum for hair before heat styling
Some hair serums protect against heat damage.

3. Protects during heat styling.

Hair serum provides a thin protective layer to the hair shaft and prevents the hair from overheating. As a preparation, it’s best to apply your serum on wet hair prior to drying or styling it with heat. By applying it on wet hair, you’ll find that serum evenly distributes on hair.

serum for hair for shine
Use a hair serum to add shine and give your hairstyle a glossy finish.

4. Smooths and shines hair

That girl with the super smooth looking and shiny hair day in and day out, you know what her hair secret probably is? You guessed it: A serum. Serums leave the hair looking polished, shiny and healthy. Try out the Nexxus New York Salon Care Encapsulate Serum for smoothness without the overload on your hair. 

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