Styles For Thin Hair : 8 Cute Ways to Make Your Hair More Voluminous

Thicker hair with some of our favorite hair hacks.

Thick, luxurious hair always looks stunning but it isn’t always the easiest hairstyle to attain, especially if you have thin hair. But even if your hair is thinning, you can still create some fullness through strategically crafted styles for thin hair. These fun and modern styles all focus on taking your regular everyday styles and making them look much thicker. Read on to check out eight of our favorite styles for thin hair. (If you’re looking for tips on how to get rid of static hair, we’ve got you covered, too.)

1. Side Part and Loose Curls

styles for thin hair side part
Add some volume to your hair by adding a dramatic part. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

Want to know the two quickest ways to add volume to thinning hair? Add in curls and a deep side part. Stick straight hair is automatically going to look thinner than curly or wavy hair because having curls takes up more visual space. So, to create a voluminous style, curl your hair with a flat iron and create a quick (and easy!) deep side part. This makes your hair take up much more space, making it look fuller and more volumious.

2. Skinny Headband

styles for thin hair add a headband
Add some depth to your hair by adding a headband.

Top off your usual style with a skinny headband. A thin headband shows a bigger contrast in your hair than a thick headband would. So, if you wear a little skinny headband your hair will look much thicker in comparison. It’s basically magic.

3. Curly Pompadour

styles for thin hair hair curly top
Add some volume to your hair by getting a shorter haircut.

Another way to wear curls to create a lot of visual volume is with a curly pompadour. This is a good hairstyle if you’ve got a pixie haircut that’s long on top! Just curl your hair first, you can do this with a curling iron or by setting your hair in rag curls at night. Then, fashion your curls into a voluminous pomp style. Set this style with the Bed Head By TIGI Maxxed Out Massive Hold Hairspray so your volume can last all day.

4. The No-Part Part

styles for thin hair no part
Focus on a semi-part to add some volume to your thin hair.

What maybe even better than the side part is the no-part. To get this look, instead of making a defined part, brush the hair where you would normally part backwards. And then you just leave it there! Simple as that. This looks more voluminous than your average part because the hair sits on top, and you won’t have your scalp peeking through.

5. Half-Updo

styles for thin hair half-updo
Create some fullness to your hair by adding a half-updo. Photo credit:

The half-updo is one of our favorite styles for thin hair. We like it so much because you can easily loosen up the look so it appears more voluminous. It’s also a great style for second day hair. Just start by refreshing your roots with the Dove Refresh+Care Volume And Fullness Dry Shampoo. Then, pull your hair into a half ponytail, making sure to keep it loose. Finish by securing with a hair tie and loosening up the style by pulling out a few face-framing pieces.

6. Crown Braid

styles for thin hair crown braid
A thicker hairstyle can create lift to your hair. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

A crown braid is a good updo option for thinning hair because you can wear the braid as tight or as voluminous as you like. The tighter the braid the more polished your look will be, but, depending on how thin your hair is, a tight style may make it look thinner. You can fake big braids by simply loosening up each section of the braid once you complete it.

7. Romantic Soft Curls

styles for thin hair soft curls
Adding some body to your hair can enhance its volume. Photo credit:

If you want to go for a curly option, we recommend these soft curls. You can recreate the look by following our old Hollywood curls tutorial. We love how this sleek and sexy style works so well on thinning hair. Because the waves are kept so soft, they tend to stick together. This means there won’t be big gaps in your hair between the curls.

8. Tease It Out

styles for thin hair how to tease hair final
Teasing your hair is an easy way to make your hair bigger.

And lastly, we say, when in doubt, tease it out! Teasing your hair is a great way to make your hair look instantly much thicker. It doesn’t need to look ’80s or messy either. Follow this tutorial for teasing hair to recreate this super pretty style.

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