Hairstyles for Thin Hair: 35 Fashionable Ideas for Your Hair Type

Hairstyles that work for your texture. 

Fine hair is one of the most exceedingly difficult hair types to style. There aren’t that many hairstyles for thin hair that can mimic the appearance of a fuller, thicker mane. Some women who are completely frustrated have resorted to drastic measures in the quest for hairstyles for thin hair—everything from popping hair growth supplements to chopping off some length to spending an arm and a leg on hair extensions.

However, those with fine hair don’t have to resort to cutting it all off. There are several looks that make the most out of naturally baby-fine texture without having to sacrifice length. A lot of women with curly hair are conditioned by the claims of volumizing hair products that often make them feel as if having thin hair is the worst thing in the world. If you like your thin hair, you should embrace it. Conversely, if you want to make your hair look fuller, you can do that too.

There’s no wrong way to wear your hair texture as long as it feels appropriate to your personal taste and preferences. If you’re looking for some hairstyling ideas, we’ve rounded up some of our top favorite hairstyles for thin hair types. Check out some of our go-to hairstyles for thin hair below:

Hairstyles for Thin Hair: 35 Elevated and Easy Looks

hairstyles for thin hair: simple straight style
Simple hairstyles for thin hair. Photo credit:

1. The Minimalist Style

Keep it simple with an easy everyday look. To keep the voluminous look and feel of your thin hair, opt for using a dry shampoo in between washes to prevent oily strands.

Hairstyles for thin hair: blowout
The blowout is always a good idea. Photo credit:

2. Straight Blowout

Never underestimate the power of blowout hairstyles for thin hair. With the right volumizing hair care products you are well on your way to a beautiful style.

hairstyles for thin hair: curly hair texture
Got texture? Play it up. Photo credit:

3. Thin Hairstyles for Textured Hair

If you have a naturally curly or wavy hair texture, use it to your advantage. Implement products into your haircare routine that wake up your texture, helping you to create the illusion of fuller locks.

hairstyles for thin hair: thin straight style
Work with what you’ve got. Photo credit:

4. Super Thin Style

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone that hates their thin hair. There’s a good amount of women that don’t mind embracing their thin and fine strands.

hairstyles for thin hair: choppy layers
Layers create natural movement. Photo credit:

5. Choppy Layers

If you’re looking for hairstyles for thin hair that create a fuller effect, try going for choppy layers. The layers create a natural-looking undone feel and give your hairstyle lots of movement.

hairstyles for thin hair: loose bun
Fake the full effect with an updo. Photo credit:

6. Loose Bun

Creating buns on thin hair can be a struggle. We don’t feel it should be that way! If you want to conceal the thin texture of your hair, opt for a looser bun.

hairstyles for thin hair: disheveled hair
Mussed-up locks. Photo credit:

7. Disheveled Thin Hairstyles

One thing you’re not exempt from when having thin hair is being able to try out trends just like everyone else. You want the disheveled messy hair effect? Go for it.

hairstyles for thin hair extra long.
Healthy, long and beautiful. Photo credit:

8. Extra Long Thin Hair

Having naturally thin hair isn’t a determining factor of whether your hair is healthy or not. Thin hair can grow long once it’s taken care of. If you’re constantly flat ironing your hair to wear straight styles, don’t ever forget to use a heat protectant.

hairstyles for thin hair: jet black bob and bang
The classic bob and bang style. Photo credit:

9. Thin Hair Fringe

Create the illusion of a thicker hairstyle with a super short bob and bang hairstyle on jet black hair.

hairstyles for thin hair: wavy high ponytail
Ride the ponytail wave. Photo credit:

10. Wavy High Ponytail

Want a full pony on thin hair? Add waves to the ends of your hair prior to creating your ponytail. Backcomb the ends to create volume.

hairstyles for thin hair: blonde highlights
Make your hair glow. Photo credit:

11. Highlights on Thin Hair

There are so many ways to fake the illusion of thicker hair on thin hair types. There are also ways to take the attention away from your thin texture, like using highlights to add dimension.

hairstyles for thin hair: platinum hair color
Platinum blonde on thin hair. Photo credit: indigitalimages

12. Platinum Thin Hair

For many, going for the platinum hair color on thin hair is a major no-no. However, if you insist, be sure to treat your hair and wear styles that help your locks appear fuller and more compact, like the lob.

hairstyles for thin hair: brushed out hair
Photo credit:

13. Brushed-Out Thin Hairstyles

This brushed out blowout is giving us all the feels. Achieve this pillow soft texture by brushing your hair with a boar-bristled brush and a few drops of shine serum. Focus more on your ends with your brush strokes to create the airy effect.

hairstyles for thin hair: partial highlights
Frame your face with hair highlights. Photo credit:

14. Partial Highlights on Thin Hairstyles

Want to give your thin hair a quick update? Try face framing partial highlights.

hairstyles for thin hair: low bun style
Low bun style. Photo credit:

15. The Low Bun

Want a no-fuss style? A low bun is easy and classy.

hairstyles for thin hair: thick fringe style
Super thick bangs. Photo credit:

16. Thick Fringe

Use a thick fringe to offset the thinner silhouette of your mane.

hairstyles for thin hair: pixie undercut
Borrow this short cut from the boys. Photo credit:

17. Thin Hair Pixie

Go for a pixie with an undercut to achieve a thicker, layered effect.

hairstyles for thin hair: high ponytail
Textured high pony. Photo credit:

18. Straight Ponytail

Not only does a high ponytail make your hair look longer, but when you style it with textured ends you create a voluminous finish on thin hair types.

hairstyles for thin hair: shag haircut
Throw it back with an old school shag. Photo credit:

19. Shag Hairstyle for Thin Hair

Looking for a hip haircut that looks great on thin hair? Try a shag. The thin layers add a stylish element to your overall look and work in your favor when it comes to achieving natural movement.

hairstyles for thin hair: short hair blowout
Middle part blowout. Photo credit:

20. Short Blowout Styles for Thin Hair

A middle-parted blowout adds the perfect symmetry to your look. Tease the ends for texture and to enhance volume.

short hairstyles for thin hair: short shaggy crop
Choppy and edgy. Photo credit:

21. Short Shaggy Crop

Try your hand at a short and choppy style to create an edgy look.

hairstyles for thin hair: silver hair bangs
Silver locks. Photo credit:

22. Silver Thin Hair

Like blonde and platinum blonde, silver hair can give your hair the illusion of hair that’s thinner than it actually is. Try wearing this hair color with styles that create a fuller and thicker look.

hairstyles for thin hair: stacked bob haircut
Try angular cuts for a fuller effect.

23. Stacked Bob

An angled or stacked bob on thin hair creates a little volumizing action.

short hairstyles for thin hair: wide bangs
Stretch your bangs out. Photo credit:

24. Ear-to-Ear Bangs

Tired of your thin hair being front and center? Try something different. Ear-to-ear bangs create a widening effect to your style, making it seem fuller than it is.

hairstyles for thin hair: tousled hair
Fresh out of the salon. Photo credit:

25. Tousled Hair Thin Hairstyles

It’s all about creating textured hairstyle to create volume. Try using a wash and care system like Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner to start off with a plumped up based before styling.

hairstyles for thin hair: face-framing bangs
Frame your face with voluminous tendrils. Photo credit:

26. Face-Framing Bangs

When creating face-framing bangs, instead of styling them completely straight, opt for bumping the ends just a bit with your curling iron. This bumping method will help with volume.

hairstyles for thin hair: rough dry styling
Rough styling for a high impact look. Photo credit:

27. Messy & Voluminous Hairstyles for Thin Hair

If you haven’t used the rough dry hack on your thin hair, you are truly missing out. This technique could be the answer to all of your lifeless hair questions. Try it out and be sure to set with a flexible hold hairstyle like Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray.

hairstyles for thin hair: wavy hair
Wavy hairstyles for thin hair. Photo credit:

28. Wavy Thin Hair

Styling your thin hair into a wavy hairstyle is an easy way to create a voluminous look.

Want more styling ideas? Check out these fun, fattening hairstyles below meant to give finer hair the oomph it needs.EUNICE LUCERO

inverted lob hairstyles for fine hair
Longer front layers maximize swing and movement. Photo credit:

29. Inverted Lob

Snipping off frayed, damaged ends into a bob haircut is a popular solution for long yet thinning hair, but there’s a way to salvage some of that precious length too. The inverted lob is a nifty way to wear your hair shorter and get that uniform fullness as longer layers at the front draws the eye forward and down, giving the illusion of length. This is especially flattering if you don’t have too much volume on top.

hairstyles for thin hair messy parting
A diffused part-line leaves no ugly hard edges. Photo Credit:

30. Messy Part

Creating a jagged part instead of a sharp, well-demarcated line gives the illusion of fullness and some lift to the top layers. Messy parts are best worn with loose, wavy layers or mid-length shags. You can also use some mousse, like TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Touchable Bounce Mousse, to infuse hair with extra body and texture.

hairstyles for thin hair side part
Mimic a bang by wisping off some strands to the side in a runway-worthy half-updo. Photo credit:

31. Deep Side Part

Work your angles by creating a deep side part. This will draw attention downward as it creates a sexy peek-a-boo effect over one eye. Worn with a lob or even with a low ponytail, it’s a great day-to-night hairstyle for women with fine hair. Worried about looking like you have a tiny ponytail? Loop a lock of hair around your hair tie to mask it. So chic and effective!

hairstyles for fine hair top knot
How much hair do you have tucked in there? Nope, not telling. Photo credit:

32. Hair Donut

While a set of three chignon donut bun makers will cost you more than an actual doughnut at your neighborhood café, we think they’re definitely a gift that keeps on giving. A foam bun maker—a circular ball with a hole in the middle, hence its super-sweet nickname—is one of the industry’s best-kept beauty secrets. To use, first gather hair into a high ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Next, pull the donut through and keep it snug around the hair tie. Proceed to twist the ponytail hair around the donut, making sure to cover it completely. Tuck in the ends around the base with some bobby pins.

hairstyles for fine hair cleo cut
Denial is just a river in Egypt. Embrace your thin hair with a queenly Cleo-inspired cut instead. Photo credit:

33. Blunt Bob with Bangs

As opposed to razored techniques, ask for a choppy, blunt bob and your stylist will cut hair at the fullest part of the shaft, resulting in more thicker-looking volume straight across. Keep your style from looking mousy with the addition of cool-girl bangs that graze your browbone. The hairstyle looks trés chic when rumpled up with a bit of texture or with a few strategic waves via a styling iron.

haircuts for fine hair highlights
A variety of blonde highlights ribboned all throughout gives an illusion of depth and fullness. Photo credit:

34. Strategic Color and Highlights

Using color on hairstyles for thin hair spices up your ’do via some dimension-adding highlights. Water and color swell up the hair shaft, resulting in more texture and fluff—two things that women with flat, thinning hair might want. In addition, carefully placed highlights can give a trompe l’oeil effect of more (and thicker!) hair.

hairstyles for thin hair side fishtail
Soft, sidewinding fishtail braids are always a hit for a wedding.

35. Side French or Fishtail Braid

Fake some strand density by wearing a messy braid on one (or both) sides of your head. A French or fishtail braid worn crown-style, starting from your hair part downwards to the nape, is a flattering updo for women with finer hair. A 3D plait fattens up your crown’s silhouette and perfectly camouflages any thinness or bald spots.

Need more styling inspiration for your hair type? Here are some bob haircuts that will make thin hair look fuller

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