How to Create Space Buns in 4 Stylish Ways

Learn how to rock space buns, the adult way.

When it comes to updo hairstyles, there really are no limits. We’ve shown you how to create fun updo styles like twisted ponytails, upside-down braids, braided buns and more. Now, let’s add an old school pigtail-inspired hairstyle into the mix with space buns! We’ve probably hated when our moms styled our hair into this hairstyle when we were younger, but today we want to rock the look every single day— yes, the modern day version is quite versatile. Hope you’re ready to screenshot or save these stylish new ways to rock pigtails in your hair! From playful to elegant, discover four ways to wear space buns and still look like a grown up.

4 Ways to Wear Space Buns

how to wear Space Buns on blogger Emma Amitis
We love these playful space bun as seen on bloger Emma Amitis. Photo courtesy of Emma Amitis

Way 1: Classic Space Buns

This classic space bun hairstyle look gorgeous on fashion blogger and model, Emma Amitis. With a focus on thick and high up space buns, this look is super playful and laid-back that you can rock at school or on the weekend. Pair it with Emma’s ’90s fashion picks and you’ll be set to really rock this hairstyle.

blonde woman wears low space buns
These sleek buns can take you from the office all the way to date night! Photo credit:

Way 2: Sleek Low Space Buns

You just may be able to get away with this look at the office. Part dry hair down the center, creating two even sections. Work a cream or serum into the hair to create a smooth, and shiny base. If you want to wear this hairstyle longer than a day, opt for using a gel that holds your look in place like TRESemmé TRES Two Ultra Firm Control Gel. Add ponytail holders to each section then wrap each pony into a flat bun. Add hairpins to secure and done! If you want to add a funky touch to this look, try parting your hair in zig-zags.

woman with natural hair wears space buns
Textured space buns on natural hair. Photo credit: Dvora

Way 3: Space Buns on Natural Hair

If you’re looking to try a hairstyle that’s different from your day-to-day curly look, try out this updo. This is even an ideal style for when you’re having a bad hair day. Apply a leave-in detangler to make hair pliable like Dove Quench Absolute Leave -In Detangler to your hair and comb through. Part hair down the center and create two curly ponytails on each side. Smooth gel onto the base of your hair to keep frizz tamed. Opt for TRESemmé TRES Two Mega Firm Control Gel because it does just that, along with providing your style with all-day control. If you have natural hair that’s extremely curly, before you bun twist or braid the ends to help stretch and make it easier to coil the ends into a bun. Once you’ve created the bun secure with hairpins. If you have fine hair, give a gentle tug to your buns to spread them out and make them look thicker.

brunette woman wears high space buns
Top knots x’s two! Photo credit:

Way 4: Top Knot Space Buns

For the girl who just finds it so hard to part ways with her favorite top knot hairstyle but wants to try a new ‘do, how about creating two? After parting your hair down the center from front hairline to nape, smooth hair serum or cream onto your hair. We like Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Smoothing Light Weight Weather Proof Cream, which provides a weightless, smooth and shiny look. Gather each side up into a high ponytail. To create height to your bun, twist the hair ends before wrapping your hair into a bun. Once you’ve twisted the length of the hair, begin to coil around the base of your ponytail then continue coiling the hair in an upward direction to create a snake-effect. Tuck remaining ends into the bun then secure with some hairpins.

Oh, and by the way, you can totally use any of these styles as a hair hack for deep conditioning on-the-go!

Which of these space buns will you try on your hair?