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Styling Hack: How to Deep Condition Hair On The Go

Just another way to reap the benefits of deep conditioning.

What if I told you that you don’t really need to deep condition hair any longer than five minutes? Would you believe me? Probably not. Deep conditioning can take anywhere from as little as three to five minutes— this also depends on what the directions on the product you’re using recommend. While some of us find the lamest excuse not to deep condition our hair (which I probably just proved isn’t an excuse at all—it takes three minutes, ladies!), and look at this amazing hair savior as a chore, the rest of us, however, use it as an excuse to turn our deep conditioning session into a spa day at home (#SelfCareSundays), and we end up deep conditioning for an entire hour or so (totally fine). But sometimes life gets in the way, a fire always needs to be quickly put out the moment you decide to pamper yourself and chill.

Here are some ways you can deep condition hair and still get everything else on your to-do list, done!

3 Ways to Deep Condition Hair On-the-Go

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Be stylish and deep condition hair at the same time. No one would ever know!

Sunday’s are my hair and skincare days. It’s the one day I unwind, give myself an at-home treatment,  binge-watch a series on Netflix, or stick my nose in a book for hours on end. In other words: This is my ‘do not disturb’ day. But one day, my boyfriend decided it was a day to grab a bite to eat. As hungry as I was at the moment, I had to figure out a quick way to leave the house, and still look presentable while my Suave Professionals Coconut Milk Infusion Deep Moisture Conditioner was providing my strands with a serious dose of moisture.

So what did I do? I brushed my conditioner drenched hair into a smooth pulled-back ponytail. Might I add my hair was incredibly soft, and not a tangle was in sight? Oh yeah! You see it’s little instances like this that may occur while we’re at home, in the zone, and pampering our mind, body, and soul, thinking we won’t be interrupted. So, here are a few more deep condition hair-friendly hairstyles you can try if you ever find yourself in a situation like mine.

Space Buns

If you’re one of those gals that find herself very keen on portion control and love to deep condition while your clothes are in the washing machine, opt for space buns. By parting hair down the center, this helps you see how much product you’re applying to each section of hair. Once you’re done with applying your deep conditioner, wrap each section into a bun then head on out.

Braided top knot

Nothing is more annoying than applying deep conditioner during the winter months and noticing you may have to run out into the cold to grab a few items at the grocery store. Gather your hair into a top knot, braid the ends, and wrap braid into a bun. Cover your hair with a shower cap, then place a stylish beanie on top. No one would ever know what’s really going on beneath your hat.

Deep part ponytail

Say you find yourself having to quickly show your face at something a little bit on the fancy side? For example: You promised your old college roommate you’ll come to her cocktail party and totally forgot. If this happens to you while deep conditioning, go for styling your hair with a sexy deep sided part. Part hair from hairline to mid-crown and comb it into a low ponytail hairstyle. To avoid having product transferred onto your clothing, coil the ends into a bun. When you’re back in the house, rinse out, dry, and style as usual.

Have you ever tried any of these styling hacks to deep condition hair on the go?

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