The Boyfriend Bob Guide and 5 Ways to Wear the Style

Short, chic, and edge all at the same time.

The boyfriend bob is the latest haircut trend to hit TikTok, and this androgynous-inspired style is not for anyone who shies away from a statement-making style. Cropped, straight-edged, and decidedly boyish, the boyfriend bob offers an edge in a way other cuts don’t. There are several ways to wear this trending style and an option for just about every hair type. Are you considering taking the leap and cutting your hair into a boyfriend bob?

Read on to check out five ways to wear the look.

1. Center Part

boyfriend bob center part
Pair your boyfriend bob with a center part.

Tap into the edginess of this style and pair the look with a center part. Use a comb to create a sharp center part and let your hair air dry or use a blow dryer to train your hair in a new direction. A drop or two of shine serum like Suave Simply Styled Anti-Frizz Smoothing Serum will take your look to the next level!

2. Easy Waves

boyfriend bob wavy
These undone waves add a sense of ease to your style.

While a sleek straight style adds to the edginess of this look, undone waves will add some softness and romance to your style. Let your hair air dry into its natural wave pattern and enjoy the benefit shorter strands offer in terms of volume! The shorter your hair is, the less it will weigh itself down.

3. Stick Straight

boyfriend bob stick straight
Stick straight and super sleek.

Recreate this sleek straight style by running your curling iron through your hair from roots to ends. Hold the iron on the very ends of your hair for an extra second or two to really seal in the style. Don’t forget to prep your hair with Dove Style+Care Smooth and Shine Heat Protection Spray first!

4. Micro Fringe

boyfriend bob micro bangs
Add an instant edge to your style.

Pair your boyfriend bob with an equally edgy trend: the micro bangs. Mimic the look pictured above by having your stylist integrate a large portion of your hair into your bangs for a super full fringe style.

5. Curly Texture

boyfriend bob curly
Add some texture and movement.

Finally, a curly boyfriend bob. Whether you have been blessed with naturally textured hair or use a curling iron to add some texture and movement to your style, this length looks fantastic with a bit of dimension!

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