Gym Hairstyles for Curly Hair: 2 Styles to Wear Post-Workout

Post-gym styles that you can easily master on your curly hair.

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While we’ve come up with our fair share of excuses as to why we can’t fit a workout into our busy schedules, one of the most valid arguments we’ve heard is the desire to preserve our already styled hair. There’s nothing worse than spending an eternity styling your strands only to realize that the yoga class you scheduled is about to ruin all your hard work. We’re big believers in dry shampoo and the magic of reviving even the most oily and sweat-drenched strands and we recommend you get in on this lazy girl favorite if you haven’t yet.

When it comes to gym hairstyles for curly hair, however, things can get a little more complicated. As a lot of curly-haired girls know, a little bit of sweat combined with humidity in the locker room can be a recipe for frizzy hair.

We’ve created two post-workout gym hairstyles for curly hair that we know you’ll love for those days when a full refresh of your look isn’t an option. Both are appropriate for whatever you have on your schedule post-gym. Whether it’s a full day of work, date night, dinner with your girls or Sunday errands, these easy styles will work for your curly hair. Read on:

Gym Hairstyles for Curly Hair: 2 Ways to Rock the Look

Tutorial 1: Low Braided Bun


Let your hair down.

Start off by taking your hair down from your preferred workout style. Whether it’s a French braid, ponytail or messy bun you’ll want to give your strands a chance to breathe. If you want to refresh your hair, spray some of the Dove Detox and Purify Dry Shampoo onto your roots and massage the product in.



gym hairstyles for curly hair down

Gather your hair up.

Create a low ponytail by combing your hair straight back, gathering it just above the nape of your neck, and securing it with a hair tie.

gym hairstyles for curly hair low ponytail

Create a braid.

Create a three-strand braid that extends to the bottom of the ponytail and secure it with a hair tie.

gym hairstyles for curly hair low braided ponytail

Wrap the braid.

Wrap the braid around the base of the style so it coils around the hair tie. Use bobby pins to secure the bun into place. Depending on how thick and heavy your hair is, you’ll need anywhere from three to five pins to hold the bun up.

gym hairstyles for curly hair wrap the bun


This low bun style streamlines your post-workout curls into a neat and semi-intricate bun perfect for those mornings when you’re running to an important meeting straight from the gym.

gym hairstyles for curly hair low bun finished look



Tutorial 2: A Knotted Ballerina Bun


Start off with a ponytail.

This style also begins with a ponytail but this time you’ll want to gather your hair to the top of your head. Any style positioned at the top of your head like this will draw the eye to your cheekbones and up from there meaning that it’ll serve as an instant pseudo-face lift.

gym hairstyles for curly hair high ponytail

Separate and tie a knot.

Separate the ponytail into two sections and tie a knot. It’s a little easier to work with the hair if you twist the section before you tie the knot.


gym hairstyles for curly hair separate ponytail



Continue tying and secure.

Tie another knot and pull the loose ends to the back of the bun where you’ll secure it with a few bobby pins. Slip them underneath the bun to hide them and fan the hair out a little over them.

gym hairstyles for curly hair continue tying


The finished style is a sleek and elevated look that’s super easy to create. The best thing about updos are that they can be casual when worn with workout clothes and easily dressed up if you decided to add some accessories and throw on a dress post-shower.


gym hairstyles for curling hair high ballerina knotted bun

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